Monday, February 25, 2013

Mamonde Pure White EX basic 2 item sets

Mamonde Pure White EX basic 2 item sets 


Whitening products are extremely great gifts for me 
when I consider the weather. 
Fortunately, I am using Mamonde Pure White series a lot this spring. 
I am already using Mamonde Pure Whitening Cream and 
I am extremely happy to have received the basic cosmetics as a gift. 
Someone gave me this product as a gift because I've been telling everyone that I know that I care a lot about whitening. I should be making my skin bright and white with this whitening product. LOL

Mamonde White Pure White Skin Softener EX 150ml
Mamonde Pure White Emulsion EX 125ml
Mamonde Pure White Watery Serum EX 5ml
Mamonde Pure White Skin Softener 30ml
Mamonde Pure White Emulsion 30 ml

The ingredients of Mamonde Pure White. 

 As an amide derivative of vitamin B3, it helps to suppress the pigmentation by blocking the melanin that's created in the skin and enhances the skin tone by accelerating the differentiation of dead skin cells. 

White Bouquet Complex (Extracts of lily of the valley, apricot and daffodil)
It makes the skin smooth by reducing the dead skin cells and by providing sufficient moisture to the skin, enhances the transparency of the skin and makes your skin clear and bright. 

AP Snowray Complex
It's effective for enhancement of the skin tone, prevention of skin troubles and the acceleration of fine blood circulation, for it mixes the active ingredients of paper mulberry, ginkgo leaves and licorice that are grown at Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. 

We'll see how well Mamonde Pure White applies on the skin. 



Mamonde Pure White Whitening Skin Softener EX

You can feel the oil and the moisture at the same time and it applies very smoothly on the skin. 
It gets absorbed very quickly and it was as if it had created a protection layer on the surface of the skin. The fragrance of the flowers, which I personally think is one of the characteristics of Mamonde, made me feel good while I was applying the product. 


Mamonde Pure White Whitening Skin Lotion EX

It applied extremely well on the skin with its feeling of the wax and the greasiness. 
I think it made my skin tone a lot brighter. 
I have a very dark skin and I feel a lot better because it has made my skin tone a lot brighter. 
The fragrance of daffodil and the whitening effects that the white bouquet complex provides made me feel good while I was applying the product. 

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Mamonde Gold Honey Pack 100ml

Mamonde Gold Honey Pack 100ml


This is the Mamonde Gold Honey Pack that isn't only cheap, 
but also a product that contains both honey and gold
I really like the name of this product. I am personally very fond of honey. 
Honey is known to provide moisturizing effects for the skin and make your skin glow up. 
I am sure that you all know that your skin will look healthy when your skin has gloss and is moist. 
I guess I do not have to give you further descriptions of this product because it contains honey and gold. 


This is the pack with gold that you'll find when you open the lid. 


Can you see the gold when you've applied it on the back of your hand?
Your skin becomes a lot more smooth when you apply this pack and wash it off after 10-15 minutes. You'll also see the gloss on your face. 
You'll be able to experience better effects if you apply this product after opening up your pores by using the INNISFREE Steam Towel that I've mentioned about last time. :)

 The product isn't necessarily good for the skin just because it's expensive. 
Your skin will not get better just because you've applied an expensive product. 
It's extremely important that you take care of your skin when it's good. The effects of the products that you use will last longer in that way. I personally use expensive cosmetics too, but I love looking for cheap products that are effective. :)
I personally like cheap masks. LOL
You know.. I would rather invest my money for going to the dermatologist than buy expensive masks. 
Let's try to make our skin clean and bright this winter with this Mamonde Gold Honey Pack 
that is both cheap and effective. :)


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Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream(Samples)

Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream(Samples)

Hello everyone!
The product that I am going to introduce is Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream!

This is actually a free gift that I got at Amore Mall when I was buying the air cushion. LOL
So I got some wrinkles under my eyes. 
It's not that much, but the one that I got is pretty serious. 
And the makeup residues are stuck in between the wrinkles. :(
I should be using the product more properly from now on. LOL

This is the dark red case of Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream!

Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream is known to maintain the moisture for 12 hours
with bean and camellia leaf extracts. It is known as an all-in-one eye cream that provides whitening effects on the areas near your eyes because it enhances the wrinkles near your yes with nano technology. 

There are about 10 different functions that this product provides. 
It is known to restore the oil and moisture balance, enhance the wrinkles, relieves the tension of the skin, enhances the skin tone, takes care of the dead skin cells, enhances the skin, enhances the flexibility of the skin, enhances the skin's level of resistance, relieves the itchiness of the skin and prevents the expansion of pores. 

There are so many functions! LOL

It's really a total solution that has so many different functions in it. LOL

I found out that it's not especially  good to a lot of functions in a product
because some functions may go against each other and some functions may not produce good results when they are put together. But it's definitely convenient that I can use the different functions together at the same time. 

Even though it has a small mouth, it's not like a spot product. 
I personally think spot-type containers are good for eye creams. 

It's a white cream that has a solid texture. The texture isn't that chewy. I guess it's just a bit moist. The smell is pretty nice. 

I gently applied it on my skin and it seemed to have sufficient oil. 

People say that you need to take care of the areas near your eyes 
because the areas near your eyes is extremely thin and sensitive!
But I personally think it's not that economic and effective that you use expensive eye creams from when you're very young. 

I personally think it's a good eye cream that can be used
by teenagers and those people who are in their mid-twenties and late-twenties. 

The volume of the actual product is 30ml. 
(The sample is one third of the actual product)

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Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing 175ml

Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing 175ml

This is Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing. It's been quite a while since I bought this product. I actually bought the eye pencil when I was at the store. I also bought this foam cleanser even though I had a lot of cleansers at home because they were giving away free gifts when I bought a certain amount. I am finally using this product now. 


The ingredients on the back says that it contains the Russian iris extracts and lotus extracts. 
The Russian iris extracts calms down the skin and plays the role of providing outstanding cleansing effects. The lotus extracts are known to provide antioxidant effects and 
neutralize the skin troubles and toxic substances. 

I took out some cleanser on the back of my hand. It's a white cleansing foam. 

 The texture was quite sticky and chewy and it didn't seem to contain a lot of moisture. 
Even though it was very faint, I was able to feel the fine grains in the cleanser. These micro bids  are known to break down when you rub it and it is known to remove the makeups, skin pollutants and even sun creams very effectively. 


I made the foam by adding some water. I was able to create a lot of foams very easily. 
You can massage your face with this foam and wash it off. 

I applied the foundation, mascara, eye shadow, eye pencil, lipstick and a lip gloss
to test how well it cleansed. 


I made the foam with Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing and rub it. 

The cosmetics on the back of my hand got erased
when I rubbed it with a bit of power. 

 It all got erased when I washed it off with water. 
Of course, you won't be able to erase your makeups completely with a single cleansing foam, 
but it cleansed a lot better than other cleansing foams. 

I personally think Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing cleansed pretty well. 
However, my skin feels a little dry after washing my face. Perhaps it's because the weather is getting colder everyday. Anyway, I think it's a product that you can use to wash your face very cleanly. 


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Mamonde High Lifting Cream 50ml

Mamonde High Lifting Cream 50ml


This is Mamonde's
High Lifting Cream. 

This product is known as a high lifting cream in which the 
the bean embryo extracts and vegetable protein get immediately absorbed into the skin. 

When you open it like this


there is this beige-colored  case.
It's really pretty!


The cream is sort of pink. 

 Just like its name 'high lifting cream', 
the cream is very solid. 

Even though the cream is solid, 
it gets absorbed into the skin very well 
when you spread it with your finger. 


It seems to provide moisture and
flexibility to the skin at the same time. :)

I personally think it would be wonderful product when you need to cover your skin with oil in cold weather so moisture and doesn't evaporate. 
To be frank, I wouldn't really use this product that much unless the weather is very cold
because I have dry skin. 

I personally think it's a great product for those people who have dry skin or those 
mothers who are in their forties and fifties 
who have lost much of their moisture on the skin. 

For such reasons, I use this product with my mother as well. 
I apply this cream on my skin before I go to sleep at night, hoping that I won't get wrinkles on my neck. 

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MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream 50ml

MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream 50ml

This is the product's box. 
The detailed description of the product is written on the back. 
Here are the ten things that this product helps to enhance. 

1. Wrinkle enhancement
2. Skin tone enhancement
3. Skin enhancement
4. Enhances the skin's level of resistance
5. Prevents the expansion of pores
6. Relieves the itchiness 
7. Enhancement of flexibility
8. Takes care of the dead skin cells
9. Relieves the tension of the skin
10. Restores the oil and moisture balance


This is how the product looks like. 
The case is in wine color and the volume is 50ml. 
You should use it within 12 months after unsealing. 



It surely does look like a great product. :)
Beans and camellia help to maintain the moisture for a long time. 



When you open it, there is this lid that is made of plastic. 
You can take it off simply by pulling it off. 

You should be able to use this product in a very clean way because it's a pumping-type product. 

This is the product's texture. 
It's very sticky and the shape remains even when I take my fingers apart. 


The texture isn't watery or anything. 
The cream doesn't run down even if you flip your hands over. 

It applies very smoothly and it's got a very nice smell. 


I applied it on my face. 
It applied very easily and it was very moist at the same time. 
But I was able to feel the oil to a certain extent. 
It seemed to have created a protection layer on the surface of the skin. 
It was a lot smoother than what I've expected and it was also sort of sily. 

There was no tension on my skin after a long time
and it was also very smooth even when I woke up in the morning. 
I am sure that your skin will become moist and flexible when you wash it off it warm water. :)

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