Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swanicoco Power Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml

Recommended cosmetics - Swanicoco Power Deep Cleansing Oil

Hello. This is MJ. 
This is my last review on Swanicoco's products. I am going to be writing reviews on shading products from now on. I have a lot of reviews that I have to write because I haven't been writing my reviews for about a week. I also visited the trout festival. My last review of Swanicoco's products is about the cleansing oil. The full name of this product is Swanicoco Power Deep Cleansing Oil. It has such a long name.. :)

 The ingredients and the warnings are written on the box with the gold logo. 
The main ingredients of this product are apricot stone oil, jojoba seed oil, coco-glucoside, coconut oil, olive oil. 

It says that it's recommended that you shake it well before using the product because the layers in the product can be separated as it contains a great amount of natural oil. 
Just like other oil products, you should give a massage and wash it off with warm water. 
It didn't separately mention about the oil. 

Tip: Most of the cleansing oils do not recommend that you wash your face twice. 

The package is quite similar to those cleansing oils that are out there in the market. 

It makes me feel good whenever I take a look at it because the yellow color is extremely refreshing. You can take out the amount that need. It personally think the amount that comes out by pumping it once is enough for the one time use. 

I tested three of the products to show you the product's cleansing ability. 
I applied the eyeliner that doesn't get erased very easily (I usually have to wash my face three times with the cleansing oil to wash off this thingy), Guerlain  Automatic Lipstick and Aritaum's Mono-Eyes Shadow. 

The oil ran down from my hands because the texture was quite light. 

I took the photograph in the wrong direction. Just look at the cleansing ability in the photograph. 
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Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist 100ml


Swanicoco : Recommended Phytoncide Mineral Mist

Hello everyone. 
 I brought a cosmetics of Swanicoco again, which is one of my favorite brands. 
This is Phytoncide Mineral Mist, which is a product that I am using a lot these days. 
It's a cypress mineral mist that's been created with cypress, extracts of fermented vegetables and wild ginseng culture fluid. 

It's a safe mineral mist of Swanicoco that does not contain paraben, artificial fragrance, ethanol, artificial colors and mineral oil. You can simply apply the product in the 20-30cm distance away from your face and gently tap it to let it get absorbed into the skin. 
It's a mist that can be used very easily and conveniently. 

The reason why I recommend Swanicoco's mists is because Swanicoco is a reliable brand and also because they use the stem cells of wild ginseng that are known to be less irritating to the skin in all aspects. More than anything else, I must emphasize the fact that it can be used on all skin types. 

It's a refreshing mineral mists that makes you feel as if you are talking a walk in the woods. 
It helps to clean your skin as if contains cypress water instead of purified water,
and it's a Phytoncide Mineral Mist that helps to greatly enhance the skin as it contains fermented ingredients and wild ginseng culture extracts that are known to prevent the damages of the dry skin. 

The volume is 100ml. I guess it's very sufficient. 
In fact, it contains 105ml in it. 

It has a very nice grip and it can be sprayed on your face very easily because it's a spray-type product. You can carry it around in your bag because it's extremely light and small. 
Also, the design on the bottle is very classy. 


This is my dry hands. 
I have extremely dry skin and my hands crack up and become extremely rough in winter. 
So I have to provide moisture all the time. 
I am trying out the Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist this time and 
really recommend it. 


Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist is extremely refreshing and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly without much stickiness. It's not a mineral mist that you use just because your skin lacks moisture. The reason why I am recommending this mist to you is because this mist not only helps to provide flexibility, enhance the skin and prevent troubles, but it also provides moisture to the skin. 

The mineral mist that is extremely cool and refreshing. 
I personally think this Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist is one of the best mists out there 
as it not only helps to provide flexibility, enhance the skin and prevent troubles, but it also provides moisture to the skin. 

This is the before and after photograph. 
As you can see, my skin has definitely become more moist after using this product. 
At the same time, it didn't make my skin glossy or slippery because it got absorbed into the skin very quickly. I personally think you can apply it after doing your makeup. 

I recommend Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist!

There is a good news for my neighbors. 
Swanicoco is currently having a 99%/90% sale. 
You can buy the product that's worth 200,000 KRW with 20,000 KRW. 
They are selling it in order. I encourage you to visit Swanicoco as quickly as possible. 

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Swanicoco Organic Herbal Care 500ml(Oriental herbal shampoo)

I would like write a quick review on Swanicoco Organic Herbal Care. 

The products that have been released recently are the shampoo, body cleanser and the foam cleaner. I just skipped the review on the packaging because it's always wrapped very nicely. 

 It's an oriental herb shampoo. 
I am always satisfied with their products, but the case is sort of disappointing. 
It would have been better if they used the traditional patterns or the design like other products that are out there in the market. 

I asked this when one of my friend was working at a public relations office. 
She told me that it costs a lot of money to change their product design. 
I personally think it's something that they should pay more attention to. 

 Whether the cosmetics is chemical or natural is decided 
by whether it contains petroleum surfactants or not. 
This product doesn't irritate the scalp at all because it has completely removed petroleum. 

I poured the content and it looked like this. 
It is known to contain ginseng, chlorella and various herbs. 

I was able to create the foam very smoothly on my hands. 
Unlike what I've expected, it created a lot of foam because it is a product 
that contains chemical surfactants. 

 This is the body cleanser. 
I used to get a lot of stress because the dead skin usually came off right after taking a shower. 
I guess this happened because I have such a dry skin. 

This product doesn't cause any trouble on your face even if some of the ingredients are remained on your skin because it has reduced the chemical surfactants as much as possible. 

The liquid was sky blue. 
It had the menthol and herb fragrance. 
It would have been better if they released this product in summer. 

I've been using the Japanese products because I am very fond of peach smell. 
Perhaps my skin has become dry because I got so addicted to that smell. 
They probably would have put in a lot of ingredients to create that smell. 

There was a phrase that really caught my eyes!
It is known to remove the dirt from your skin very easily because it contains citric acid. 
I guess I won't have to rub my skin with the flannel anymore. 

People say that it may not create that much foam because it doesn't have chemical surfactants in it. However, it was very smooth and created a lot of foam. 

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Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion 300ml

A recommended body lotion of Swanicoco :)

I am sure those people who are interested in natural cosmetics or cosmetics that have good ingredients in it would have heard about Swanicoco. Swanicoco's cosmetics are actually not 100% natural organic cosmetics. It's not necessarily true that it's good cosmetics just because it contains natural ingredients. You always have to consider the collisions of the ingredients, safety and whether it irritates the skin or not. It's known that Swanicoco only inserts absolutely necessary chemical ingredients, such as emulsifier, PH control agent and etc.

Swanicoco is a company that produces nano-fermentation cosmetics through their own laboratories and manufacturers instead of using the OEM method. 

I'll now introduce Swanicoco Cell-Repair One-step Intensive Moisturizing Fermentation Body Lotion to you. It's so hard to memorize the name because it's so long. 
I visited their website and the website simply described this product as a fermentation body lotion. 

[Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion - Volume: 300ml / Price: 28,800 KRW / Recommended skin types: Dry skin, the tired skin of the body, sensitive skin]

It fills up the nutrition and moisture, provides moisture to the skin that's been damaged by ultraviolet rays or dry environment and helps to enhance the rough and weak skin clean and clear. 

No colors / No artificial fragrance / No chemical preservatives / No steroids / No alcohol / No mineral oil / No paraben No benzophenone

The expiration date is 2 years before unsealing. It's recommended that you use it within six months after unsealing. The expiration is only six months after unsealing because it's a product that has minimized the chemical ingredients. I should be able to finish it in six months because it's only 300ml. 

The pump comes out when you turn it counterclockwise. 
A lot of body lotion comes out because the hole is quite big. 
However, you need to pump it two to three times if you want to apply it on your entire body. 

The product contains yeast/fermented filtrates of green tea extracts, ginkgo leaf water, aloe vera leaf, sunflower seeds, olive oil, jojoba seed oil and natural moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients provide moisture to the skin and create a smooth skin by providing the nutrition.

Especially, the fermented extracts help to create a flexible skin by providing moisture to the skin.  It is a great product for those people who have sensitive skin on their body because it contains a lot of natural ingredients. You can simply apply the product on your body as if you are giving a massage and gently tap it to let it get absorbed in the skin. 

My skin was very rough and dry before applying Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion. 
But it became extremely shiny and moist after applying the product. 
The photograph is out of focus because I took it with a standard lens. 

I encourage you to supplement moisture to your skin by using Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion if you have a kind of skin that's sensitive to chemical ingredients. 

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