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ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector

ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector

 I've been thinking that I was not really exposed to ultraviolet rays even during summer because I've always had an office job. It was last year that I've finally realized that I cannot actually ignore the indoor ultraviolet rays. People say that I should apply the sunblock in all seasons and I shouldn't be satisfied with the ultraviolet ray protection level of BB creams or foundations. 

I didn't even think about buying an expensive sunblock in the first place because it has a very short expiration date. I bought this sun care product that can also be used as a make-up base  while strolling through the Etude House store. The name of the product is 'ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector'. It a new product that has been just released!

 ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector is a tube-type product.
The pink and the yellow really stand out a lot. LOL
The girl with a dragonfly on her head looks look cute as well. LOL

There were several other series products with a similar design and I encourage you to look at the name correctly before you buy them. LOL 
I am saying this because they've also released a cleanser for sunblocks. 
I would be quite discouraging to find out later that you bought the wrong product. LOL :)

 The sun protector factor for ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector is SPF42/PA++ and this is a pretty good level to be used during summer. This product is known to have the effects of make-up base, wrinkle enhancement and whitening effects. I bought it solely by looking at the roles as a make-up base. Wrinkles and whitenings do not apply on me. :)

People say that I shouldn't only trust the BB cream's sun protector factor and that I should put on the sunblock. But my face becomes too thick and heavy if I put on the sunblock and the BB cream. And that is why I bought a product that has the make-up base function. Even though it does not have the make-up base function, I usually use the sunblock as a base. 


The ingredients are written on the vinyl because it is wrapped by a plastic vinyl without a box. LOL The ingredients tag comes off when you unwrap the vinyl. LOL


I am unwrapping the plastic vinyl. LOL

 It's a sunblock and also a make-up base for a surprisingly white and smooth skin tone.  LOL

Even though I was not able to experience its dramatic effects because my skin isn't really dark or is a kind of skin that has a lot of uneven areas, but I don't think that phrase on the product is a lie. :) It's not that your face becomes white by its white turbidity, but it does become white very naturally. It didn't actually make my face smooth or anything because I cannot say that my face is uneven. 

Since your skin becomes white by its cool tones, it may not be really suitable for those people who have yellow or dark skins. I strongly recommend that you try it out on your neck before you buy them. I usually use no.19~21 (New balance tone) and I skin tone isn't really balanced. 
I really liked this product because it balanced my overall skin tone and made my skin white very naturally. 


The mouth is not covered with a virgin seal. LOL
Even though this hole looks very small, you shouldn't underestimate it. The cream comes out very well and I believe this is because there is so much in it. 
It's still very hard for me to control my power. It's not like I am extremely strong or anything. :)


The cream is in soft pink and the texture is quite watery.
It's a kind of texture that can be applied on the skin very widely with a small amount!
But it's recommended that you only apply an appropriate amount in order to protect yourself against ultraviolet rays effectively. 
You shouldn't apply too much nor too less. :)


For a sunblock, It really has a low amount of oil and applies to the skin very moistly.


The area that I've applied the cream has become much brighter. LOL
The area with the cream becomes glossy when the light is shone because the texture is moist and creamy. I really liked this product because I was able to feel more oil compared to other sunblocks. 

The smell was sort of so so. I was a bit worried about the smell because I personally didn't like the smell of INNISFREE products. (As you may know, Etude House is also a product of Amore Pacific) However, I was quite satisfied with the mell of ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector. It has a girlish smell.. LOL
I think I smelled this smell somewhere else. 

 I have applied ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector on the face that had finished the basic care with my hands. LOL. The cream applied better on the skin with hands. 

I usually have a yellowish and a messy skin, but the skin tone has become a lot more white in the overall sense. :) The cream may float on the face if you apply too much. 

Even though I didn't really experience any wrinkle enhancements, I would have to say the function of a make-up base was quite outstanding! It really does make your entire face white in a cool tone. Your skin really does become cool to the extent that you might think that you shouldn't have bought a tone changer. 


 It fits right in your hand because it's a flat-type tube and it's also convenient to carry around in your pouch because it's not that big. 
(My bags are the standards here. LOL)
You'll be able to correct your make-ups and also protect the ultraviolet rays if you apply them and use a pact afterwards!

I don't usually do make-ups during the weekends, but I always put on the sunblock!
You can simply apply this and nothing more because it has such a low amount of oil compared to other sunblocks! (Dry skin) 
I think it's an extremely handy product that can be used during summer because it's also very cheap. LOL :)

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  1. I really like this brand. I used this brand for many years and I keep on using this brand as the color and odor is good for asian skin.

  2. Sorry. But pardon me. What's with all the LOL in caps. It's actually very distracting and a bit annoying