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HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water 150ml

HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water 150ml


I used the HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water
because I have a dry skin where the T-zone is quite glossy and my U-zone is dry. 


HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water

A moist vitalizing skin that provides moisture to the skin that is likely to become dry

- It's a bubble-type skin that immediately provides moisture to the skin and a skin that restores a dry and rough skin into a smooth skin. 
- It's extremely moist on the skin without stickiness and you can feel the moisture on every area of your skin. 
- The active moisturizing ingredients extracted from cactus and yellow lily provide immediate moisture, enhances the outer layer of the skin and restore the lost moisture by enhancing metabolism of the skin. 


Let's first look at how the product looks like. 

It's a skin in a light purple bottle~

 HERA reminds me of purple bottle because HERA's products that are on the advertisement these days are all purple and the bottle that Tae Hee Kim advertised was also purple. 
The lid is made of plastic and the bottle is made of glass~


The manufacturing date is June.17.2011 and it's a product for the dry skin. 


Since it's not a squeezing-type product, it can run down very easily. You always have to be careful about it. 

I used by hands to apply the product instead of using a cosmetics cotton bud because it's quite moist. 

The grip is pretty good because the bottle is in round shape. 

I put some on the back of my hand. It was translucent and it was very watery like an ordinary skin. 

My skin becomes dry very fast after washing my face 
 because the weather is very cold and dry these days. 
The time that go to apply the skin after washing my face is probably a few seconds. But my face still hurt a bit in that small amount of time. I applied the skin on my pale skin and it became moist pretty fast. But the skin sort of felt weird. 
My hands and my face became a little sticky after applying the product, 
but it was very refreshing on my face. 
It was sort of strange how it was refreshing and sticky at the same time. 



<Before & after using the product>


I used the product for seven days. 

The uneven areas of the skin had calmed down. 

<After using the product for seven days>


HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water

I was getting a lot of dead skin cells and the dryness of the skin became worse because of the cold and dry weather and also because I've been using the heating at my office. 
So I try to pay much attention to my basic cosmetics. I cannot say that I didn't feel the tension on my skin after using this product, but it really did calm down my skin to a certain extent. 
People say that skins are essential when you are doing your basic cosmetics. 
Your skin is only ready for the next step after applying the skin. 

 So I've always been thinking
"why do I have to apply the skin?". 
But HERA's product was sort of different. 
It felt a bit sticky when I touched my face after applying the product. 
I was able to feel the stickiness when I touched my face with my hands,
but I didn't feel the stickiness on the face. 
It's sort of funny how I can feel the stickiness with my hands but not on my face. LOL
I sort of felt the tension on my face because I didn't put on the lotion. 
I didn't feel any tension on my skin when I've applied both skin and the lotion. 
The skin that I've been using before didn't have any tension on the skin because it was a very refreshing product, but this product didn't make me feel the tension on my skin even though I've only applied the lotion. 

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