Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Sun Science Perfect Sunblock Blemish Balm SPF50 50ml

OHUI Sun Science Perfect Sunblock Blemish Balm SPF50 50ml

I want to introduce the O HUI Perfect Sunblock Blemish Balm that I've been using since this summer~I've been using this product  with my sister and I still have a lot left. I think it's a great product because it makes the skin tone bright even with a small amount. It's not irritating to the skin because it's very mild and it makes the skin moist even though it's a BB cream.

 I personally like BB creams that have the function of a sun cream. 
OHUI Blemish Balm is also a smart product that has the function of both sun cream and BB. 
It's extremely convenient and it's less irritating to the skin because it protects the ultraviolet rays and also has the function for correcting the skin tone. 

If you take a close look, you can see the white and brown pattern on the bottle. 
OHUI has recently changed their design of their bottles into the transparent one that you can see through. 

The sun cream and the BB comes out from the bottle very consistently. 

I tried squeezing out the cream on the back of my hand, and the content came out in the following order. BB - Sun Cream - BB - Sun Cream. You should apply it on your face evenly  after rubbing the cream so that the BB and the sun cream can get mixed together. 

Apply the BB cream on your cheeks and gently tap it to let it get absorbed into the skin. 
You do not have to apply a lot because you can turn your skin bright even with a small amount. You face will become extremely white if you apply too much. 

Can you see that it has become a lot brighter than the first photograph?
My lip isn't usually very red. But it seemed to make my lip a lot brighter when I applied the BB. 
It's really good for creating a bright and natural skin tone. 

It applies very well on the skin and it also lasts for a long time. But I must say that it doesn't have much covering capability. I personally like those products that have a bit of covering capabilities because of the stains that I have on my face. I tested the product by leaving some marks on the back of my hand with the waterproof brush pen. 

It seems to cover up the small blemishes and dots. But it would a bit too much to expect for something greater. I personally do not recommend this product for those people who are looking for great covering capabilities. However, I strongly recommend this product for those people who want to create a natural skin tone. 

Even though my skin looks quite mat in the photograph, it's actually not. The reason why it's like that is because my hands are extremely dry. It wasn't sticky and the sense of moisture lasted for a long time after applying the product. The product seemed to perform the best performance when I used it in summer. I personally think it's a great product to use during summer because you can only apply this product instead of applying two or three other products at the same time.