Thursday, March 14, 2013

SUM37 Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream Moisturizing Cream 50ml

SUM37 Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream Moisturizing Cream 50ml

Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream

The light and refreshing texture of gel-type provides a sense of refreshment and coolness to the tired skin from the dry environment.

I do not have much greed over basic cosmetics, so I've been directly using the
products that are being evaluated and there weren't much reviews about it. 
I must say that the products are really good and I am not saying this because I am getting it for free. There may be skin types that do not match with the cosmetics, but there aren't bad products. I believe this is due to the great development of cosmetics. 

Anyway, I would like fill in the category of basic cosmetics with a review on SUM37 Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream today~

I am very much fond of SUM37 because it matches very well on my skin,
but I am not that much satisfied with its cases. It's not all too bad, but it's not that pretty either.

The Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream that I am going to introduce to you today is a bit inconvenient because of its big size. 

I really like SUM37's idea of a spatula and the top of the case is made of metals and the end part of spatula is made of magnet. It has been designed so it can be attached to the product right away. Spatulas are a clean way to use it, but you can easily loose them as well. I believe it is a great idea. 

There is the center cover at the center of the product

And the there is the gel cream when you open the product. The cream gel has a translucent blue color. It's like the color of glaciers at the South Pole.
I prefer those products with a sense of refreshment as are moisture creams.
Visual aspects are also important factors that can enhance the product's level of satisfaction. 

When you scoop up the cream with the spatula and put it on your skin,

you'll be able to a feel the coolness and feel that it is stickier than those gel-type moisturizing creams that are aiming the teenagers and those in their 20's. 

The cream wasn't very light and I was able to feel the appropriate amount of stickiness. However, it isn't too sticky.
The cream protects the moisture from coming out by creating a coat and this was all very surprising by considering its light shape. 

This is the dry skin. I believe it is great product for those people who have oily or dry skin during summer. I am putting a lot this cream on my face these days before I go to sleep because of the dry weather and I can feel my skin becoming moist as if I put a moisturizing pack on my face whenever I give a simple massage with the cream the size of an acorn. 

This is my face after applying the cream

Even though I was not able to visually see the dramatic moisture, it is a bit stickier than the ordinary gel creams and it was lighter than creams. So I believe it is a great product  for those who have oily skin during winter and for those who who have dry skin during summer. The skin would become hot if you massage it with a sufficient amount and it would also be a great choice for providing moisture to your skin. 

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