Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Chengidan Hwahyun Cream 60ml

Whoo Chengidan Hwahyun Cream 60ml

Just like Ohui, it also uses an instruction manual that can be folded in half. 
You'll be able to find the instructions when you open the card. 
It comes along with a gold spatula and a nutrition cream that has a luxurious color. 

I opened the lid. 
The cream contains precious ingredients, such as wild ginseng and deer antlers. 
It's a great cream for restoring the nutrition to your skin. 

The viscosity was a little thick in the first place.
But it applied extremely well on the skin. 
It applies to the skin in the temperature of the skin as if butter is melting. 
It gets absorbed very well. You are able to feel the nutrition on your skin because it doesn't make your skin glossy and also because it doesn't have much oil in it. 


This is my moist hand after applying the product. 
The product has the oriental smell, but it isn't that strong.
I think they've added a refreshing smell to it. The smell is a lot refreshing than the previous version. It has the distinct luxurious smell of Whoo. 

The product has a very fancy and luxurious design. 
It looks like the fancy design of the product is making my dressing table stand out. 
The volume is 60ml and it has a fairly huge case. 

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