Tuesday, January 22, 2013



 I am going on a vacation with my family next week. I'll be doing the make-up even on my vacation and I suddenly recalled something from last year while I was packing my stuff. 
I took the cleansing oil in a miniature container and the lid of container opened by itself in my pouch. Maybe it was because of the oiliness. I had such a horrible experience because the oil had spoiled all the stuff that I had in my pouch. I eventually had to throw away some of my cosmetics. After going through this, all I had in my mind was the cleansing tissue.  It's a new product of Etude House that I've introduced a few days ago. I bought the cleansing tissue together with the powder-type cleanser, which is one of the products of baking powder series products and is known to contain baking powder. 

 The product is in sky-blue and red, which are my favorite colors, and it look very cute because of its vintage words on the top. Everything else other than these are quite ordinary. Etude House has various types of cleansing tissues. Etude House's tissue are the only tissues that have a plastic lid that can be opened and closed. What is good about this plastic lid is that it prevents liquid inside from evaporating. Because when the sticker touches the cleansing liquid inside, the tissue inside the box will become useless as a piece of ordinary issue. But such things will never happen when there is a plastic lid on the top. However, the tissues will become quite useless over a long period time because there isn't a rubber packing. The plastic lid merely delays that time. 

I am quite sure that you are all aware that you have to clean your face with a cleansing tissue by directly applying it to your face, unlike when you roll the oil-type cleansers with the tip of your fingers. But my skin began to sore when I used these tissues. I took a photograph of the new tissue. Can you see them? It's not very even. I don't know if it's pure cotton or not, but it's quite rough. So it does hurt your skin a bit and your skin becomes white if you put a bit of power into it. (I was quite reluctant to use this product on fragile areas, such as the rim of my eyes and my mouth. If this is the case, isn't it correct that I would have to additionally use the lip and eye remover and eventually loses the values of tissue-type cleansers?)


The cleansing effect was good. Actually, I must say that it was outstanding.
I can say that it was one of the best cleansing tissues that I've used. 
However, the reason why I am using cleansing tissues is because of the refreshment without oiliness aside from its portability. But this product was a bit glossy and suffocating. Perhaps this is because a lot of oil are in the product. 

The cleansing effect was certainly the best. 
However, it is a bit suffocating and the tissues are a bit rough than I've expected. 


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