Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek

Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek

I would like to write a review about the pink version of Etude House's Dear My Blooming Cheek today! This is Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek, which is a product that's getting a whole lot of my love these days along with Espoir's Cream Pen Pore Lip & Cheek, pushing aside the pink blushers that are on the corner of my dressing table. :)


Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek / The thrilling pink pink / 4g

This is Dear My Blooming Cheek that constantly makes me want to take a loot at is because it has such a pretty case. It's quite unique because it's semi-transparent. 

There are four colors. The thrilling pink pink, the exciting champagne peach, the blushing coral pink and the fluttering lavender pink! I would like to write a review on PK001, the thrilling pink pink. 

 I like this case the most out of all the products that had been released recently. LOL
You know.. I have the emotions of a little girl. LOL
I become so attracted by cases like this. It's so adorable..
And there is the flower layering cheek on the back along with the kind instructions. 

  This is the thrilling pink pink of Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek.
The expiration date is written on the side of the box.
You have to use it within 12 month from unsealing.. but you can always use it until you are done using it. LOL

  The case looks a little fuzzy(?) because it's semi-transparent. It's really pretty!
Pink is all over the place~


I double-checked the expiration date and the color after opening it.
You can see the color in the front, but expiration date is also very important.
It's a product that's been manufactured on March 5th of 2012. It's a new product and I am really excited! :)

The thrilling pink pink has two separate colors.
One is a lighter color and the other is a darker color. 
The light pink is a highlighter and a blusher and the dark pink is a blusher. 
But both of them have such a great amount of pearls in it!

  I am uploading this photograph to let you understand how much pearls are in it!
I didn't even apply the product, but it's almost like I've already put them on my cheeks.  LOL
I can really see with my eyes that they've actually used nano-pearls instead of huge pearls. 
The colors are similar to highlighters and they give you a feeling as if they would shoot beams into air!

It applied on my fingers extremely well when I rubbed it with my hands. 
The pearls provided greasy and shiny effects like eye shadows. Wouldn't it be pretty to apply them on each side or apply them by mixing them together? I took a lot of photograph because the colors came out so well on my fingertips. LOL

The brighter color on my arm is color A and and the darker color is color B.
And then I mixed A and B together and rubbed it on my arm. All of the three colors are pretty, but the color that has mixed the two looks most pretty and nice. It's a sort of color that I want to show off. They have so much pearls in it and it is as if I've put a lot of highlighter on it. 
I am really excited because the colors are so pretty!

The website of Etude House has kind instructions of the product. 
This is also on the back of the product's box. LOL


I used the round brush to apply the product on my face because the dark pink alone was a bit too much. It's really difficult to control the colors. But the pink colors comes out very well on your cheeks. I was not able to take better pictures of the colors because of my old camera. 
The pink colors are really nice and shiny if you look actually look at it. However, you shouldn't apply too much if your cheeks are protruding out because it makes your cheeks stand out a lot. 
I used this product and went out for the entire day.. and I didn't have to re-apply them. I can say the level of endurance was quite good. I was really happy about this.. thinking that Etude House has the best toning/shading products. LOL

The pretty pink color came out when I rubbed my cheeks like crazy because I was not able to take a good control of the colors. Isn't it really pretty? I must say that I love you guys Etude House. It's really pretty. I went from here to there for the entire day with this pretty cheeks. LOL
To think about it, I think this glossiness is quite similar to the glossiness that I saw on Young Ah Lee's (A famous Korean actress) face. I remember how people used to buy Tonymoly's Luminous Sheer Powder like crazy. LOL. What's interesting is that I didn't buy them when other people were buying them. I tend to buy them in the first place or buy them later on or don't buy it at all. LOL

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