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Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow  AD No.3 : Brown (0.2)
An eyebrow pencil that naturally makes the outlines of the face stand out as if it's your real eyebrows

A clean and delicate styling of eyebrows: The triangular pencil enables you to style a clean and detailed eyebrows with its angles. 
Natural colors: It has an outstanding temperature resistance and maintains the natural colors with a regular usability by maintaining a proper temperature. 
The styling of brand new eyebrows: The balance between coloring substances and the base prevents the thick expressions of colors and allows you to express the eyebrows that seem very real in a very natural way. 

This is  'Drawing Eye Brow', a product of Etude House that helps you draw your eyebrows. 
This is a product that I've personally purchased because I am almost done using the eyebrow by Chanel and also because I prefer pencils more these days even though I have an eyebrow shadow pact.


The pencil is an ordinary eyebrow pencil-type.
There are six colors in total. 
No.1 is  dark brown, no.2 is gray-brown, no.3 is brown, no.4 is dark gray, no.5 is gray and no.6 is black. 

 I chose no.3 brown among them~!


The volume is 0.2g in total. 

This is how it looks like when you open both of the lids on each side~!!

The brush is in one side and the eyebrow pencil is in the other side!

This is the brush~!
Even though the brush is there, I don't really use it that much. 


And there is the eyebrow!!
I must say that it's extremely convenient because it is an auto-type!

 What's interesting is that it is in a triangular shape. 
Therefore, it allows you to style wider areas, thinner areas and etc.

This is the part that come out when you turn it around~!

Let's take a look at the colors on the back of my hands~!

As you can see, it's brown. It's not an extremely light brown.
It's a pure brown. Even though it may not seem very good on the hand, it applies extremely well on your eyebrows. :)


It's not waterproof and it erases very easily with soap. :)

Let's take a look at the before & after photograph!

The photograph on the left is before applying the product and the photograph on the right is after using the product. 

I searched for a review on this product before I bought this and many people said that it didn't last very long. I think this really depends on your skin type. The product was quite good on me. It didn't get erased very easily or smudged even though I had a dry skin. I recommend that you try out the product yourself because this really depends on each person. :) I wish they had a slightly brighter tone than this the one that I bought. It has an affordable price and it's very easy to draw because it has a triangular shape. I am very satisfied with this by considering its price. In addition, I can say that it lasts for quite a long time considering its price. LOL :)

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  1. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.