Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etude House Missing You Hand Cream

Etude House Missing You Hand Cream


I am writing a lot of reviews on various hand creams these days 
because it's winter. :) The product that I am going to introduce today is 

Etude House Missing You Season 2 - The story of a honeybee - The story of a queen bee

 The stories
- The story of a honey bee
-The story of a queen bee
- The story of a lady bug
- The story of a caterpillar 

It's a hexagon-shaped package that looks like a hive
since the concept of the product is the story of a bee. LOL :)
Etude never disappoints me!

You will find a queen bee when you open the package!
The pink color is so adorable..

  It's really like a toy. LOL :) It's so cute and it fits right in your hand.
I personally like the feelers on the head. LOL
The feelers really double the cuteness!

When you are using the product, 
simply open the lid by turning it in the direction of the arrow. 

 It's a horror-shot. LOL
The head and the body must fall apart ..
But I do not have a choice! LOL

The surface looks very smooth and soft!
Unlike other products in the Missing U series, the texture of this product is very matt. 
I've heard people say that it prevents the cream from running down when the film if taken off. 


Can you see the matt finish? It really has a big difference compared to other series.

And that's why there isn't much viscosity!

It's a bit matt, but it still performs a smooth and tender moisturizing ability 
because it's extremely soft. LOL It's definitely a product that I am always satisfied with by considering its price! 

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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!