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ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream

ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral
Sun BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ 35g

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
Volume : 35g

The series of Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream have become a lot more diverse. 
There is the Original Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, the Bright Piece and the Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, which is a product that I am showing you right now. Just like its name, It is a sunblock that has pearls in it

I think they made this white version to help users maintain a white and smooth skin by avoiding the ultraviolet rays. 

ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream can be tapped on to the skin by using the sponge puff that's in the product or it can be used by opening the sponge cap. It has such a great advantage because it can be applied twice over. I guess I could just use the sponge pff because I use an extra concealer. 

These are the ingredients of ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream. 
Even though it has phenoxyethanol in it, it does not contain paraben or tar colors. 

It's a sunblock for summer and it also provides a lot of moisture.
The level of ultraviolet rays protection is SPF50+ PA+++ and it also has the waterproof function. 

The product that I am having my review about is W13 and this is the second brightest color among all the colors. It should match very well with those who have no.22-23 skin tones. 

It has a round design like a cylinder and you can let it stand backwards. 

Even though it's 35g, it does not take up much space.
It actually has a similar size with other sunblocks. 

You'll be able to the sponge and a hole at the center
when you pull and open the plastic lid. 

The part on the back is a flexible plastic like those tube-type sunblocks 
and the BB cream comes out through the hole when you squeeze it hard. 

W13 isn't really dark nor too bright. 
ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream is sort of creamy and it isn't

I tapped it on my skin with the sponge puff and it wasn't really easy to control the amount. 
I think you should apply them in small amount. 

It looks like ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream has great covering capabilities. 
However, you should only tap small amount because it can be applied quite thickly. 


It looks like a glossy finish, but it's quite fluffy. LOL :)

I took a close-up photograph and as you can see, it did not leave any oil on it. 
It's really refreshing. I can say that is a perfect sunblock for summer because 
it's waterproof and also because it lasts for a long time. 

The waterproof test ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream. 

I applied ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream on my face by using the sponge puff. You have to tap it several times. I encourage you to be patient and to tap it in small amount. Your make-up may become thick if you use too much, but it can be used very naturally when you use a small amount. 

I applied the cream in thin layers and even though it was a fluffy finish, the skin absorbed it very naturally without bringing the dead skin cells into attention. By looking at how it applied so naturally on my skin, I can say the color isn't really bright. It doesn't make your skin dry up even though it was a fluffy finish and my skin felt really comfortable after applying the cream. It does not seem to have any darkening effects, but I recommend that you try it out before you buy them because the color itself isn't that bright. :)

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