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Product overview

A cool and refreshing skin that has the function of controlling sebum

Take control of glossy wastes and sebum!

It is a light skin that has a cool and refreshing feeling with a cool and refreshing feeling. It gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and cleans up the wastes of the skin. 

Contains extracts from bamboo trees and substances that control sebum 

The extracts from bamboo trees and substances that control sebum turns the skin with a lot of sebum into a clean skin. 


Paraben, artificial colors, benzophenone, animal base, free mineral oils

The product

 This is 'Skin Malgem', a smoother and a freshener that I've purchased during the 50% sale at Etude House. Both of them are toners for erasing your make-up and I bought them because it was kind of product that I really needed. The smoother is pink and the freshener is yellow-green. I guess you'll be able to remember it better in that way. 


It kind of looks like a milk carton. The transparent shape of it gives you a vintage feeling and it's really pretty. It's a simple plastic container, but I think it's one of the prettiest packages designs among various other products of Etude House. I think the simple design matches very well with the name of the product. I chose product because of the function for controlling your sebum.
You know.. I have a dry skin with a lot of oil even during winter. 

The mouth

The mouth is quite long. You'll be able to find a seal that's covering the lid. There is a small hole when you take off the seal. Place your cosmetics cotton underneath and just pour it. 
You face will become refreshing when you apply the appropriate amount on your face. 

The liquid type

It has no smell and it's very transparent. It's a toner that's almost like water.
I like it very much because I like wiping off my face with toners like these after washing my face. 
It feels more refreshing and clean and it's also very mild. It gives you a feeling that your skin is being cleaned. 

Applying it on the cosmetics cotton

  You can simply use it by applying an appropriate amount on your cosmetics cotton.
It felt really comfortable for me because I tend to like wiping off my face with thin skins like this one. 

 Comparisons on the back of my hands

I wiped off only the half of my hands after applying it on the cosmetics cotton. 
I would have wiped off gently if it was my face, but I put some power into it because I applied it on the back of my hands this time. As you can see in the photograph, i really did clean my skin and my skin became really smooth. This is why I really like toners. The skin becomes really smooth and your skin becomes a bit white.. even though it's temporary. My wrinkled hands are tighter now. 

Comparison on the face

 This is my face without anything on and my face after wiping it off with 'Skin Malgem'. 
Even though my skin has a lot of oil, it's a bit dry and rough because it lacks moisture.
But my skin has become a lot more smooth after using this product. 
The wrinkles had disappeared and the skin looks a lot more stable. 

Even though it doesn't provide shininess or anything, it really does calm down your skin. 
I have come to a conclusion that I don't necessarily have to buy an expensive toner because this cheap toner was quite outstanding. You usually use a lot of toner when you're wiping off your face. But this one is not that expensive and shows the same performance. It looks like this is a product that I must buy when they are having a sale at Etude House. 

It is known that this freshener is a toner that takes control of your sebum. But I don't usually have wastes or sebum on my face after washing my face. You shouldn't expect to have less sebum on your face after using this product. It doesn't really reduce your sebum or anything. I still have a lot of oil on my face. Even though it doesn't control your sebum very effectively, it's a product that I want to use it over and over again because it really clams down your skin a lot. 


This is ETUDE HOUSE Skin Malgem, a freshener that I bought during a sale at Etude House. 
I first tried out the freshener because I tend to like toners more. It is a toner for removing your sebum and wastes. You shouldn't expect to have less sebum on your face after using this product. It doesn't really reduce your sebum or anything. But its effects for making the skin smooth and is really awesome. The wrinkles on your face definitely gets better by using this product. I am really satisfied with it. Furthermore, it's really cheap. So you can use it as much as you want. I would like to recommend this product if you like toners that can be used by applying it on a cosmetics cotton. It would be even better if you can buy them during the 50% sale. It should be good for all skin types because my skin didn't become moist nor dry. It has no smell and doesn't irritate your skin. I would probably be using this toner in the future. 

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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!