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Etude House*So lovely Allover Spray

Etude House*So lovely Allover Spray

 So Lovely Allover Spray

■ It provides moisture and vitamin on the hair and the body and the treatment oil maintains the body and the fiber in clean condition by providing minerals. 
■ It is an allover spray that can be used on clothes, bags, shoes and blankets. 

This is Etude House's cheapest perfume! It's an extremely popular product among students. 
I tried out this product by applying for a tester at an online beauty cafe. I bought it right after trying it out. I don't know about other people, but I really liked the smell. That's why I bought it. :)
I personally think people should smell the perfume before they buy it. I don't usually write reviews on perfumes because it's so hard to describe the smell in words. I am writing a review on this product because I already used five of these and also because it's a product that I've been telling my friends about. So here we go!

That's how the allover spray looks like! It has such an adorable design.
I personally didn't like products by Etude House because they were too girlish and princess-like, but I really liked the design of this one! I always didn't want to throw away the empty cases after finish using them. 


Anyway, what is this piece of paper that's hanging on the spray?
Products with other fragrance also had this thingy and they had a meaning!
It wasn't a simple design. 

It is known that 'So Lovely Allover Spray' provides cheerful and delicate fragrance. 
It is a perfume that has interpreted loveliness with a young sensitivity!
I simply thought that it had a sweat smell.. but it had a deeper meaning! 

You can simply hang this piece of paper around or use it as a bookmark.
I usually hang it around the spray because the paper has various descriptions and ingredients written on it. 

 This is the front and the back of the product. It's not a simple transparent container.. You can see how much is left because it's pink and transparent. It was more cute and lovely than ordinary transparent containers. LOL 


The front has the patterns that were on the piece of the paper that I've mentioned before.. 
Can you see the pink patterns? They are sort of hard and lumpy! They cover up the empty spaces that would have looked empty otherwise. 

The instructions are written on the back with pictures. 


Unlike ordinary sprays that should only be sprayed on your clothes, wrists or the back of your ears, this product can be sprayed on your legs, blankets or shoes. I've been spraying this product all over my body and my friends told me that the smell reminded of me when they smelled the smell while passing by the Etude House store. LOL 

The expiration date is written on the bottom. So please check it out~

 I'll try to spray it. Oh I almost forgot. The product is a bit longer than a span. 

 Just like ordinary sprays, you simply spray it. The spray won't work at first because there is a stopper that's blocking it. The blocker prevents the sprays from flowing when you are carrying it around in your bag. I just took it off because it's quite annoying.


The entrance hole is quite narrow. Even though it is very narrow, it sprays very well. 

 I don't know if you can see it very well. 
There isn't much left because I've been doing the tests.. LOL
I made a comparison of the new spray on the right and you'll be able to see it from the bottom of your monitor. It sprays quite evenly in the first place, but the dispersability decreases as the content decreases. Well.. I guess that is a natural thing

The sky-blue has the smell of a baby powder and the pink has the smell of peach. 
The one on the very right, which is the product that I wrote my review about, has the sweat smell of fruits. I don't exactly know what those fruits are. All I can tell you is that it is the sweet smell of fruits. It can be a little disgusting because it's too sweet. But the delicate smell spared all over my body after fives from applying. The smell was really nice. What's important is that the smell is a bit disgusting at first, but it becomes really good after a few minutes. It's a great product for students because it has such a delicate smell and the price is also very cheap!

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  1. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price