Thursday, January 31, 2013

THE FACE SHOP ARSAINTE ECO-THERAPY vitalist serum special offer product 35ml

vitalist serum special offer product 35ml



This product is a special offer set~
The product comes along with an extra puff because it's a special offer product. 

I really love products like these~ LOL


As you can see it in the photograph, 
the case is also very beautifully designed in a luxurious way.  

The case itself gives you a feeling of luxuriousness~

The package also contains 'The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Vitalist Serum', 
a refill and also the 'Vitalist Cream Miniature'. 

You'll be able to use the product with much convenience because the package
has the instructions with pictures on how to refill the container ~

 'THE FACE SHOP ARSAINTE ECO-THERAPY Vitalist Serum' contains 
the Vital T complex~

I really love herb teas and 
I believe what's good for the your body 
would also be good for your skin. LOL

It is known to supplement the flexibility of the skin
and make the skin more vital by helping the anitioxidant~


The Face Shop has printed their package with soybean oil because they care 
about the environment~
Also, it's a product that makes you want to use more because it's a 
fair trade product~

Teas are plants of the nature with vital power that have the fragrances 
which make your body and heart feel good~

It is known that the abundant polyphenol and vitamin E 
that's in white tea, black tea and red tea 
make the skin vital and healthy with its powerful anitioxidant energy~

Can you see the Ecocert mark over there? LOL
It's a good serum that I can really trust because
it has received the Ecocert certification. :)

I usually tend to check the 'Eco' mark when I am buying the cosmetics these days
because my skin has become extremely sensitive. 
it looks like I've found a great product for me~

It's a pumping-type serum that's is very easy to use~

As you can see, my skin is extremely dry these days 
in a weather like these this~

It applies very well on the skin because serum is a bit watery~

As you can see, it provides the shininess to the skin~
The skin was extremely rough and dry, but I was able to feel the moisture right when I applied it~

The skin looked to have a lot of energy
because it provided the shininess and the glossiness~

You'll be able to get rid of the tensions on your skin and feel the moisture
when you apply this serum and the yellow skin even if your skin is extremely dry. 
Furthermore, I really liked the smell of this product 
because it has used the natural vital fragrance which they've developed by themselves instead of the artificial fragrance. 

The natural fragrance seem to make your heart a lot more comfortable~
I've heard that the weather is going to get cold very quickly. 
I am sure that those people who have the skin that are likely to get dry 
would be able to get rid of their tensions and the dryness of the skin 
by using this product~

The best thing about this product is that
you can use it for a very long time because it has an extra refill!
It's a vitalist serum that gets along very well with the dry weather these days~ :)

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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!