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VOV LIght-Lasting Foundation

VOV LIght-Lasting Foundation (SPF31,PA++) 45ml


VOV Light-Lasting Foundation

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 Light-Lasting Foundation that covers blemishes, protects the skin and sustains the brightness for a long time. 

Continuing from the primer that I've introduce last time, 
let me introduce the second product of VOV Light-Lasting baseline 

The definition of light-lasting

Supplementary effects: Provides nutrition to the dermis, for it contains Inca omega oil and phyto-hydrating complex. 
High adhesion: It protects the jamming of freckles with the thin and perfect fitting-effect for the skin. 
The long-lasting light effect: It maintains a bright skin for the entire day without darkening
The lighting effect: Creates a smooth and bright light on the skin with the Light-Lasting System.

 VOV Light-Lasting Foundation is a product that has whitening effects, wrinkle enhancement and ultraviolet protection. The brightness that you get when you put on the foundation on your skin for the first time lasts for a very long time. This is a product that I really wanted to use because I've stopped using BB creams and began using foundations recently. I tried the product through the beauty powder room. :)

  I've always been using no.21 because I thought my skin matched very well with no.21.
But I found out recently that my skin tone matches better with no.23. Oh.. I wanna become white.. There are two types for the VOV foundation.. no.21 and 23. 

VOV Light-Lasting Foundation, which belongs in the VOV Light-Lasting baseline category, enables the light of the natural skin to last for a long time and covers the pores and the wrinkles very naturally because it has a great level of adhesion.  It provides the brightness and the texture and therefore makes the skin tone to last for along time and further allows the skin to be smooth and shiny.

 It enhances the darkness of the skin with its whitening effects and ultraviolet protection function and protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. It's a foundation that will protect your skin from most of ultraviolet rays that you may encounter in your everyday life because the SPF level is 31. 

The texture of the foundation is quite similar to ordinary foundations and it does not run down. 
It has a bit of viscosity and it applies very moist on the skin. 

The color is beige and it has a lot of yellow in it. 

 The picture on the left is the picture of my hand with the foundation on without anything else
and the picture on the right is the picture of my hand with VOV Light-Lasting Cream Primer and a foundation afterwards. It's not that matty even if you put them on on bare hands, but it was much more moist when I put on the foundation after the applying primer. 

 The skin was already shining even before applying the primer and it was much more bright when I put on the primer. It's a lasting base that perfectly covers the skin and the skin tone and further enables the natural light to last for the entire day. The polymer in the product creates a smooth and bright layer and it last for a long time because it contains the sebum control powder as well. 

 The light remains on the skin as if it's been just applied after a certain time had passed.
It wasn't rough because it applied to the skin extremely well. The light and moist phyto-hydrating complex provides the brightness to the skin's surface and white sapphire, which has a high penetrability of the light, maximizes the rate of bending and therefore creates a bright and shiny skin. 

When applied on the bare skin / When foundation has been applied after applying the primer

 It was very refreshing on the bare skin because it stuck very well to the skin and the skin didn't look dry because there was this brightness as if I had sprayed the mist after putting on the foundation. But it was so much brighter when I put on the foundation after applying VOV Light-Lasting Cream. :)


I also compared the colors. The one on the very left is VOV's foundation, the one on the middle is the BB of company S and the one on the very right is the BB cream of company B. 
The color of VOV's foundation matched very well to my skin tone because it was a dark beige. 

All of the three products were moist and applied to the skin very smoothly.
I was able to check the level of adhesion for VOV Light-Lasting Foundation after it had been absorbed to the skin. 


This is how it looks like. VOV's foundation absorbed faster and it stuck on to the skin faster. 
It applies to the skin very well but it's not matty. 


The foundation matched very well on me because it had a very moist texture. 
It would also be good for those people who have dry skin because it isn't that matty

VOV Light-Lasting Baseline draws up the brightness in your skin and  creates a moist and bright skin tone. The clean and smooth brightness last for the entire day without darkening. 

I didn't know what the description meant when it said "the first light". 
But I found out what that actually meant later. 'the first light' refers to the brightness that you get when you put on the foundation on your face for the first time. The brightness of VOV Light-lasting Foundation lasts longer than other products and therefore provides a smooth and moist skin. 

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  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage, fits my skin colour totally!