Thursday, January 17, 2013

VOV AN Sun Powder (SPF50+,PA+++)

VOV AN Sun Powder (SPF50+,PA+++) 12g

 <The Characteristics of the Product>

An sunblock powder than can be simply used by tapping
A moisturizing powder than sticks to the skin with moisture
Anti-stress care for comfortable skin
It is a size of two thirds of your finger. It looks like the product has emphasized the portability.
The index figure of the ultraviolet rays is 50 +++.
More than anything else, I liked the name 'the powder that provides moisture' 
because I have an extremely dry skin.


There is a sponge comes out when you twist and open the lid made of mirrors.
The powder inside comes out when you softly tap it on your face. 
Most of the powders seem to use cases like these. It really does reduces the inconvenience for me. 

This is how the power looks like. The powers are extremely fine and soft. 

I applied it on the back of my hands. 
The picture above is the picture without applying anything and the the picture below is the picture with the powder on. It has been applied to the skin in thin a layer and therefore seems to have reduced the oiliness. I can see how the they produced it so that it can be used whenever your skin become oily. 

I tested the product on my face. 
The picture above is the picture up to finishing the sun cream and the foundation. 
I could see the pores and the pimples right through because I didn't use the concealer 
to test the covering capability.. 


This is the face that had put on the AN Sun Powder. 
The pores and pimples aren't covered at all, but it definitely has reduced the oiliness.
By looking at this, I realized that it was definitely a product for correcting your make-ups.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to do heavy make-ups during winter and do the light make-ups like this during
the hot and sweaty summer. 

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  1. definitely worth the money. It has a bit of fragrance that is not overpowering when you use it.