Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Age Away Modifier LX 40ml

HERA Age Away Modifier LX 40ml 


My skin became extremely rough and dry because I finished using my essence and I've been using the samples that got from here and there. This is the essence that my mom gave to her poor daughter as a birthday gift. I love you mom. 
This is a product that I had been using for quite a long time. 


It looks like they've released a special gift set. It also comes along with huge samples. 
I really like samples that are in bottles because they are very handy when I'm travelling. 

The volume of this product is 40ml. I usually use basic cosmetics for a long time. But I tend to finish the essence very quickly. I won't be able to use it for a very long time even though it's 40ml. LOL The package consists of the perfection serum (10ml) + age away skin (30ml) + age away emulsion (30ml) + age away eye cream (5ml) + age away cream (15ml). 
I used to have the perfection serum in bottle, but I am out now. LOL

I usually wipe off my skin with the foot apple toner, apply the age away skin, modifier LX, apply the water-full cream in the morning, apply the age away intensive cream in the afternoon and apply the eye cream these days. 

I skip the lotion because the lotion contains a bit of oil. 
It's essential that you apply the moisturizing cream in the morning and nutritional cream in the afternoon!!

I have a combination skin that has quite a bit of red blemishes and my skin tends to get troubles very easily. I used to apply the light oil free product in the past, but
it created more troubles on my face because it didn't balance the oil and the moisture on the skin. So I usually apply the moisturizing cream in the morning and apply the nutritional cream in the afternoon. 


I personally like the entire package. 
LOL I should be able to use the nutrition cream for a long time because the volume is 15ml. LOL


The highly enriched LX serum is known to restore the structure of the skin. 
In fact, I do not apply the purple series for my wrinkles, but rather to take care of the flexibility of the skin ahead. 

It's extremely important that you take care of your skin ahead because a person's skin 
gets old and rough when they pass their mid twenties!!
I personally do not really want to buy clothes, bags or shoes that much. 
But I really like cosmetics and I try to buy good products for my skin. 
The skin of a person who took care of her skin and the skin of a person who didn't take care of her skin were really different when they were in their middle age. 
Expensive cosmetics aren't necessarily good for your skin!!
I think it's important that you choose the cosmetics and a brand that matches well on your skin. 


The texture of the serum is kind of thick. It's kind of like a watery cream. 
It's kind of chewy on the skin, but it's not sticky. It gets absorbed into the skin quite fast. :)
Functional cosmetics, wrinkle enhancement products and products that enhance flexibility 
have quite a bit of oil and are often heavy on the skin, 
but this product wasn't very sticky on the skin. That's why I am already using this product for the second time. I would definitely buy this product again. 

It applies to the skin very well because it isn't thick. The amount that comes out when pumped once should be able to cover your face. :)


It looks very soft and smooth. I should start to take care of my skin again. :)
I should be able to use this product until my summer vacation. 
I am planning to buy a huge essence at the duty free shop this time. :)

I hope that you apply the basic cosmetics very carefully even during summer! You should apply the sun cream 365 days a year! Let's try to make our skin look beautiful~

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