Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Serum 40ml

HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Serum 40ml

HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Serum
Volume: 40ml 

- A moisturizing essence that provides quick moisture to every area of the skin, for it contains body-friendly minerals and moisture that is known to balance the moisture. 
- You can fee the refreshing sense of moisture as if a drop of water is being popped and
it creates a thin moisture layer on the skin immediately after it gets absorbed into the skin. 
- It takes care of the moisture of the skin with its triple moisturizing effects. 

This is HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Serum that I've tried out as a member of Single's evaluation group. HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Serum is a cell-activating moisturizing essence that quickly provides moisture to the entire skin deeply. I personally think it's a great product for your skin when it's sort of annoying to apply a basic cosmetics on your skin in this hot weather. 

The color of the product is violet and it feels refreshing.
It's in a plastic container and it comes along with the huge HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Serum and the instruction. 

This is how the product looks like. Isn't it neat?
This product was manufactured on May.26.2011. :)

It's a vacuum pumping-type container and the right amount comes out when you pump it once. 
The pump is a little loose and unstable. 

HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Serum provides moisture to the skin instantly on the surface of the skin as its first phase and provides moisture to every area of the skin with the synergy effects of bio-mineral and derma-flex as its second phase. The water sponge capsules that contain nutrition get absorbed into the skin to continuously provide moisture and the mango seeds extracts that were grown in tropical areas prevent the dryness of the skin and provide a moist skin that does not dry up very easily. 

The serum is white and watery and it applies to the skin very well. 
It feels as if it has concentrated water. It sort of smells like alcohol and it smells very girlish. :)

I think it's a serum that can be used on various skin types. The product seems to deliver the light sense of moisture deeply into the skin. It gets absorbed very quickly and it's not sticky or heavy on the skin. 

My skin has become a lot more smooth and moist. 
You can feel the skin that has calmed down on the next day. :)

People say that controlling moisture is extremely important during summer. 
My skin didn't absorb products that were heavy and I used to get pimples on my face even though I have a dry skin. So I think high moisturizing essence is essential during hot weather. 
I skipped the emulsion and moved on to step after the toner. The texture was light as a feather and it was a perfect product for summer. 

The moisture got absorbed into the dry skin and it looks like my skin has become a lot smoother. I should be able to a provide a great amount of moisture during this summer because it's extremely light to the extent that it can be used as a boasting serum. :)

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  1. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price

  2. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.

  3. The second is already purchased. Is satisfied.