Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laneige Cool Stay Powder

Laneige Cool Stay Powder

 The product that I am going to introduce today is Laneige Cool Stay Powder, which is a product that you can found out at Beauty View. I don't usually apply a powder on my face and
that's because it comes off easily on my skin and also because my skin doesn't take powder very well. But this product is known as a powder that immediately provides a sense of refreshment because it has a lot of moisture in it. I am really looking forward to this product. :)

Let me briefly describe the effects of this product. 

- The immediate cooling effect by providing moisture
The water capsule powder that contains 50% of moisture provides an immediate cooling effect to your tired skin. 

- The matt skin that's highly resistant to sweat and sebum
Laneige Cool Stay Powder suppresses sweat and sebum with its 100% sweat-proof ingredients that contain powder that absorbs sebum and maintains a clear and bright skin for the entire day. 

- The clear and smooth skin
The light-scattering complex powder covers the pores, wrinkles and blemishes
to create a smooth and clear skin. 

- The skin care effects
It calms down the skin with lavender, chamomile, centella, marshmallow, lemon banana and aloe extracts and the vitamin C derivatives make the skin bright and enhance the immune system to protect the skin that has been damaged by sunlight. 



I tried out the no.2 pink glow. 
This product has two different colors, which are no.1 light beige and no.2 pink glow. :)


I opened the boxed and there was the Laneige Cool Stay Powder. 
It's a little disappointing that it only has one powder in it. 
It would have been so better if it had an extra refill puff. 


The design of the product is quite simple. 
It would have been better if they paid more attention on it. :)
Well.. it doesn't really matter because it's a special container. 


The manufacturing date is written on the bottom. 


As you can see, the puff is very thick. 
It's very soft and it feels really nice. 


It looked like this open I opened it. It didn't have a mirror. 


The warning note sticker was on the top. 


I only wanted to take off a part, but it wasn't very easy. 
I just took off the entire seal because the mouth was quite big. 


Can you see the pink color?
It wasn't completely pink. It was a pink that had beige in it. 


I applied it on the back of my hand and I really felt the cooling effects~
It was really cool~ I really liked it because I was able to feel the coolness. 


Can you see the delicate pearls?
It's not too much and it applies to the skin very beautifully~
I wonder how it will look like on my face~!


This is when I applied the BB before using this product. 

 You may be not able to see it very clearly, but I was able to see the pink pearls on the glossy areas. So it makes your skin look really pretty and healthy. :)
I really liked it because it covered the pores and I looked so much better after using this product~ I was worried at first because it had too much pink it it. But it wasn't that pink on my face and the delicate pearls made my skin look really pretty. 

What's a little disappointing is that it didn't have a mirror in it 
and that I always have to carry the puff separately. 
It's it's a little annoying how the powder flies in the air. 
But it's definitely a lot less suffocating than other powders because it's cool. 
I really liked it because it makes your skin a lot brighter and also because it creates a smooth and soft skin. :)

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