Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Laneige Water Bank Essence

Laneige Water Bank Essence


Laneige Water Bank Essence

The weather that is really the worst a person who has a dry skin is approaching. Oh my god. 
The greatest disadvantage of my skin is that it's dry.
So I am always busy getting rid my dead skin cell during winter. 
I always have to replenish moisture to my skin with a moisturizing cream and a slimming pack during winter. Also, it's essential that I use a body lotion because my body is also very dry.
I always try to do lay a wet foundation before I do my makeup. 
For such reasons, I would like to introduce the Laneige Water Bank Essence, a product that I am using these days. :)


Laneige Water Bank Essence is a water glow makeup moisturizing essence
that has once been introduced at Get-It-Beuty. 
You can maintain the moisture on your skin if you use the appropriate amount of Laneige Water Bank Essence when you are putting on your foundation after the basic cosmetics. 

I attached the information that was introduced at Get-It-Beauty on bottom. :)

Can you see the differences of the left and the right in the first photograph?
I applied Laneige Water Bank Essence on the right. 
I don't like cosmetics that do not get absorbed very well.
But Laneige Water Bank Essence was very water and it got absorbed into the skin very well without stickiness. :)
I think Laneige Water Bank Essence really does provide moisture to your skin extremely well. 
Also, I really liked the smell of Laneige Water Bank Essence. :)

 I've been using Laneige Water Bank Essence from when I was in college. 
You know.. I have an allergy to certain oil...
I used to get lots of skin troubles if I didn't use the right cosmetics. 
Laneige's products match very well on my skin because it doesn't have any allergic reactions on my skin. :)

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