Friday, February 22, 2013

Laneige White Plus Renew Purifying Mask & Essence

Laneige White Plus Renew Purifying Mask & Essence


Laneige White Plus Renew Purifying Essence / 40ml

A whitening essence that makes the entire face bright. 
The whitening ingredients in the product make the skin that's been stressed out during the day transparent and bright. The highly enriched whitening essence of whitening plus renew complex that protects the melanin in three levels takes care of your skin so that you may have a transparent and smooth skin. 

Laneige White Plus Renew Purifying Mask / 10g * 8ea

As a nice and thick cream type that applies extremely well on the skin, it's a wash off pack that maintains the moisture of the skin without tension. It enhances the factors that cause the darkening of the skin, such as dead skin cells, blemishes, pores and sebum. 


This is Laneige White Plus Renew Essence. 
The case is is sky-blue and it's made of plastic. 
You can see the mouth very clearly because the lid is transparent. 


It's sharp like the beak of a bird and it was very convenient to apply on the back of my hand because there were holes in the diagonal line. 
It was very easy to control the amount because it pumped very smoothly. 

You can see the green tea and orange peel extracts that are helpful to the whitening of the skin and marshmallow extracts are known to provide nutrition and help the skin store flexibility. 

Even though it's an essence, it's a milk-type that is a bit thick. 
It doesn't have a strong smell and it's very refreshing. It was a sort of smell that matched very well with spring and summer. It was watery nor it was thick and it applied to the skin extremely smoothly as if it was melting. 


 There was a bit of stickiness on the skin because I had some moisture on the skin, but you can't really feel the stickiness when it gets absorbed into the skin. 
I think those people who have dry skin and oil skin can both use this product. 
It' doesn't have much oil.
You should be able to use it very light in a weather like this, but
if can be a little dry if you use it during autumn and winter. 


 It was extremely light after I applied it on my skin. It was as if I didn't apply anything on my skin. 
You should be able to get rid of the tension after washing your face. 
It didn't get pushed away when I applied it before doing the makeup and
it was okay to use in the morning and evening. 
My skin became a lot more flexible after using this product. I am usually very sensitive to whitening ingredients and I actually got some trouble on the skin at first. I think this means that it really does contain a lot of whitening ingredients. I hope that you let your skin get used to these ingredients because your skin may have some trouble at first. 

This is the pack that has been recently released!
The shape really arouses my curiosity. 
It reminds me of desserts. 

You should use each one every time. 
It's like a disposable butter. 
If was sort of difficult to take off the vinyl cover. 
It would have been better if they've paid more attention to it. 

That the content that you'll find inside. 
The product comes along with a spatula and you can simply use a spatula to apply the product. 
As you can see, the texture is sort of thick. 
There is so much in it. So it should be a problem for using it once. 
You should use this product once or twice a week. 

These are the ingredients. 
It contains paper mulberry extracts and they are known to have whitening effects. 
Papain and cellulose are known to remove the dead skin cells and wastes. 
Agar-agar extracts help to purify the pores because they absorb heavy metals. 

It didn't run down and stuck to the skin very well because the texture was like clay. 
It was very convenient to use because the smell wasn't too bad. 
I was able to apply it on my skin quite well because it didn't run down and also because it wasn't too thick. 

It's a wash-off type product that can be washed off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. 
The dry pack becomes like cream when it touches water and it erases without irritating the skin. 
I had to wipe it off for quite a long time when I applied too much. 
It says that you need to apply it thickly if you have a dry skin. 

I applied the product only on the right side and wiped it off. 
Even though it wasn't that dramatic or anything, the skin became bright right away.
I was able to feel the tension when it was drying up.
I think it's good that you wash it off with warm water before you feel the tension. 

The area that has changed the most was my pores!
The pores seemed to have become thinner and the skin has become a lot more smooth and bright. My skin was very crispy when I was washing it off with warm water. It was as if it had removed the tiny dead skin cells. 
Removing the dead skin cells is essential if you want to see the whitening effects. 
You should be able to see the synergy effects of whitening if you use the essence and the mask together. 

10 days after using the essence and the mask. 
The whitening effects aren't that dramatic or anything because my skin didn't actually need whitening in the first place. But it definitely made the areas near my eyes bright and made my skin a lot smoother. 

I personally liked the mask pack the most. 
You should have able to use the pack for a month with a single box. 
You can use it in a very clean way and I also think it's a very useful product when you're going somewhere because you can use each one at a time. 
The essence is light and refreshing and it was pretty good by considering its price. 

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