Thursday, February 7, 2013

SKINFOOD Acorn Jelly Mask 100g

SKINFOOD Acorn Jelly Mask 100g


This review is about SKINFOOD Acorn Jelly Mask. 
It's a birthday gift that I got from my friend. 


The product had the design that reminded me of an acorn jello. 


There is this piece of paper that had product descriptions written on it. 

The effects of the acorn jelly mask : Removes the dead skin cells
How to use: Apply the appropriate amount on the face after washing your face, give a gentle massage and wash it off with warm after after 1 minute. 


It looks like this when you take off the paper cover. 


And there is a plastic cover when you take of the lid. 


This is how it looks like when you take off the second cover!
There's a hole over there because I used it once on my face. 


It has really good flexibility because the texture is really like an acorn jelly. 
You have to stick in your spoon quite deeply.  I used a small spoon to scoop out . 


I wanted to upload the photograph when it applied on my face strong and thickly 
but.. this is what I have for now. 

This is after rubbing it for several times. 
It looks sort of ugly and it also felt a little weird. But if you rub it several times more, 


It becomes watery like this. 
I think I applied it to thickly. 


So what's my opinion on this product?

First of all, the smell wasn't really nice. Most cosmetics try to make their product with a good smell, but this doesn't seem to have done that. Well, maybe it's because it's acorn jelly. The product smelled liked acorn jelly and oriental medicine. The smell of oriental medicine got stronger and stronger while using the product. 

I shouldn't expect to see dramatic changes after using it once, but I was able to feel my face becoming more fresh. I should know about it effects later on. 

The product didn't apply to the skin like a cream. I was sort of worried that the lump on the face might fall down when I applied for the first time. LOL But that shouldn't be a big problem. 
I think you can even wipe it off with a tissue after applying the mask for a certain amount of time if you are too lazy. Also, it wasn't slippery when I was washing it off with water. (I personally liked this the most)


The photograph is a little out of focus because I was in a hurry when I was taking this photograph. You can see the ingredients over here. 


I took a photograph upside down because I wanted to show you the feeling of the real acorn jelly. It sort of look like a crock with acorns in it. LOL

It's really cute and adorable. LOL

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