Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Allantoin Clear Mascara

SKINFOOD Allantoin Clear Mascara


The review that I am going to write right now is about SKINFOOD Allantoin Clear Mascara.
It sort of make my eyes white (maybe it's because I am still an amateur), but it has great volume, lasts for a long time and it fixes your eyelashes quite well. 
I am not in the position to use a black mascaras because I am still a student.
So I've been searching for a transparent mascara and I found this one. 
So I've decided to buy this product. 
Here comes my review!

I took this photograph because I was fixing my mascara on the bus. 
It had the Skinfood logo on it. 
There was nothing special about the size. 


This is how the back looks like!


I unwrapped it.


You can find this white brush when you open the lid.
The brush is sort of too stiff. 
I am little disappointed about this.
It didn't have a great smell or anything and
I was not able to see the liquid in it. 


This is my bare eyes~
I'll now curl up my eyelashes and apply the mascara!

<1번: No.1>                                                                           <2번: No.2>


The first photograph is when I've applied the mascara once and I've applied quite a lot for the second photograph. 

It doesn't dry up right away 
and it turned white after a while because I am not really good at it. 
I should be practicing more.. 



Durability ★★★★★
Volume ★★★★☆
Smell       ★★☆☆☆
Brush       ★★☆☆☆

Would I buy it again?

First of all, the durability was good. 
But the smell wasn't good and I didn't like the brush because it was too stiff. 
It's also unsatisfactory that it became white when a beginner used it. 
But the volume was really nice. :)
It was not a bad product, but it would have been better if they've designed it so that a beginner like myself can use it more easily. 

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