Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Bubble Foam

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Bubble Foam


Hi everyone. 
The product that brought this time is 'SKINFOOD Black Sugar Bubble Foam;. 
It's known as a foam cleanser for pimples.  
I personally have pimples on my face, but the reason why I am using this product is 
because foam comes out right away and the smell is so good. :)

Detailed description
It's a creamy bubble foam that makes your skin moist even after washing your face
because it contains abundant minerals and Brazilian black sugar. 



The foam is extremely creamy. 

 The product is very easy to use and has a great smell. 
However, it doesn't wash your face that cleanly to the point that it has no oil at all by using it once. I personally have to wash my face very cleanly because I always tend to use the foam after using the cleansing cream. Its function as a cleanser was a bit disappointing. 
So I normally have to use it twice and I think it gets used very quickly. LOL

However, I think it's a cleanser that matches very well with those who do not usually do makeups and have pimples on their skin because it's very mild by considering its strong smell. LOL

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