Thursday, February 14, 2013

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Cleansing Water 245ml

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Cleansing Water 245ml


This is the cleansing water that I've mentioned about last time~
I was a little disappointed because I couldn't buy Etude House and Holika. But this product was very satisfactory! LOL


This is how big the product is. It's not that small. 

A pumping-type product

Skinfood existed even before I was born! I didn't know this..

 I gathered all of my cosmetics to test the product's detergency!!
Here is the order from the left. Foundation(solid), pencil eyeliner, makeup base/cream, sun cream, water tint, gelly tint, liquid foundation. 


I drew the lines on my arm. They are solid foundation, Arazyme, makeup base/cream, liquid foundation from the right. I sort of forgot.. 


I tried wiping then off!
It was sort of difficult to erase strong cosmetics because it's a cleansing water. 

 But still, a lot came off!
You must not forget that it's a cleansing water~


The strong makeups came off quite a lot when I wiped it off hard 
except the tint and the Arazyme. LOL
I should be using the lip and eye remover for them!!


My personal evaluation for this product is 4.8!
It's actually sort of expensive. I cannot really make a comparison because this the first time that I using a cleansing water. I would definitely buy this product again. 
I actually wanted use Etude House's product because they were so cheap. 
But they are released anymore right now. I really want to try them when they are released again. The detergency was actually better than what I've expected. 
It even erased the foundation. LOL 
You should go to Skinfood right now if are a sort of person who uses the makeup bases as a sun cream and if you feel uncomfortable by washing your face once. 
They also had a cleanser for sun creams..
But I bought this because I went there to buy the cleansing water. 
I highly recommend this product. 


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