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SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo 500g

SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo 500g

Those people who have tried using Skinfood's hair products often say that the effects of this product is actually quite amazing. It's a mistake to think that cheap products aren't very good. LOL

I only used Skinfood's body products when I was going through a difficult time with the atopy skin trouble. To think about it now, I've been using products that did not have good moisturizing effects and I've become more interested in cosmetics after using Skinfood's body products. 
My skin problem got so much better after using Skinfood's products that have high-moisturizing effects. 

I bought this SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo that I bought last month
because I suddenly had this problems on my scalp. 
My family only uses Mise-en-Scène or Elastine. 
I had been using a shampoo that had Chinese Medicines in it, but it was too expensive. 

Anyway, my hair doesn't really match very well with Mise-en-Scène or Elastine. 
My hair becomes itchy and I also get lots of troubles on my scalp after 2-3 days. 
So I've decided to not use Mise-en-Scène or Elastine because I am worried about losing my hair. 



SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo is a scalp care shampoo that does not contain the four harmful ingredients. The refreshing foam cleanses the scalp cleanly and the cool and refreshing smell is one of the distinct characteristics of this product. 
The four harmful ingredients are coloring, paraben, ethanol and benzophenone. 

Is citron good for the scalp?
The story of citron: The citrons contain abundant substances that are good for cosmetics. They make the scalp healthy and makes your hair smooth and shiny. 

 SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo contains about 5000mg of citron extracts. 
The product also contains portulaca extracts, witch hazel and hydrolysis keratin. 

Also, the volume of SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo is 500g and the price is 9000 KRW. It contains a lot of shampoo in it by considering its price. It's one of the biggest shampoo by Skinfood. I should be able to use it until next summer because I am the only one who is using this product in my family. (I simply rinse my hair with water in the morning because I wash my hair in the evening)

 The citron color of the bottle sort of became brown.  LOL
The color of the pump is ivory with quite a bit of yellow in it. 
The pump looks very cute. You can place a 100 KRW coin on top of that pump. 


The shampoo is transparent because it doesn't contain coloring substances. 
It won't run down in between your fingers 
because it's a liquid-type texture that isn't too light. The texture is similar to the texture of a gel-type product. 

The foams came out very well. But I couldn't take a good photograph because I was busy washing my hair. LOL Anyway, the smell of the citron is very refreshing. 

A lot of Skinfood's products use artificial fragrance,
but the fragrance of this product is very natural. 
It really smells like the smell of citron tea. 
You know.. it feels really disturbing when the shampoo smells powdery when you wash your hair during summer after a sweating a lot. But I really liked the refreshing smell of this product. 

You can simply create foams with 
SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo and massage the scalp carefully. 
I have to wash my scalp very carefully because I use a wax or a hair essence everyday. 

This is the before and after photograph. 
I really can't see the difference in the photograph. 

It's sort of like before washing my hair and after washing my hair. LOL

I was sort of worried that my hair would become rough and dry like dog's hair. 
But as I've mentioned earlier, 
Skinfood's hair products are as good as other brand's hair products. 

(You really can't much of a difference in the before and after photograph. LOL)

I was able to get rid of the troubles that I got by using Mise-en-Scène and Elastine within a week by using  SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo. But it didn't really seem to care much about the troubles on the scalp because it's not a shampoo for the troubles. 

I am generally satisfied with this product and 
I even took a shower with this product during summer. It was pretty nice. LOL
It didn't seem to prevent hair loss and it definitely prevented the troubles on the scalp. 
It didn't make my hair rough or dry and the smell was very good. It was a kind of shampoo that I can use everyday. In general, I cannot say that it was really amazing or anything, but it was a fairly good shampoo that can be used everyday. I think it's a good product for teenagers and those who are in their twenties. I also think it's a good shampoo for guys because it cleanses the wax very cleanly. :)

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