Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKINFOOD Egg White Pack

SKINFOOD Egg White Pack


This is a review on the SKINFOOD Egg White Pack. :)

I did a lot of nose packs on my nose when I was a student because it was so much fun. 
And the pores on my nose became really big when I didn't care about them. 

So I don't usually do packs on my nose,
but I had to this it this time because there were so much sebum. 

I tried out the SKINFOOD Egg White Pack by someone's recommendation. 


The entire package of Egg White Pack

This is not a pack that's only for the nose. 
You can use this pack on your nose, forehead and chin. LOL


These are the instructions in detail. 

I was able to use this product very reliably with much confidence 
because I usually used the Egg White Pack at home. LOL

You have to use them once to twice every week~!!
Or else, you'll see your pores growing big. 



When you open the package, 
you'll be able to find the nose pack that you can use it once~

The product with the picture on the chin
is for the forehead and chin. :)

When you unseal the package
You'll be able to see the sheet pack for the forehead and the chin

Isn't it really cute? LOL


This is the sheet pack  
for the nose! LOL

I think the soft material that they've used for the sheet 
is a lot better than most other products. 


This is when I used it on my nose~

What's a little disappointing is the size. 
The size fits perfectly on your nose and I think they made it in this size because it's a nose pack. 
But the size is a little disappointing for a person like me who has more pore problems next to the nose. I would have been so much better if the size was bigger. LOL




It's really amazing! LOL
Isn't it?

The sebum looks really disgusting....

All of them came out! LOL

It's so refreshing~!


This is the pore contraction pack that you must put on after
taking off the pack!!

The pore contraction pack that I've used is the Innisfree Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. :)


This is the before & after photograph. 

As you can see in the photograph, 
the color of the blackhead has definitely become lighter~

You shouldn't expect to remove all the sebum at once. 
The effect that it had shown was very nice and it wasn't irritating to the skin 
because it's very mild. 

I would like to strongly recommend SKINFOOD Egg White Pack!!

Click here to purchase the product.

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