Sunday, February 17, 2013

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum 30ml

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum 30ml

It looks like people are talking about eye creams a lot these days. 
Some people say that you need to use them from when you are twenty or eighteen to prevent the wrinkles because wrinkles will not disappear when you start to have them. 
Some people say that you should start using them from your mid-twenties because you are already providing enough nutrition to your eyes with the creams and you may have more wrinkles if you apply too much. 

There are different point of views to when you should begin to apply the eye cream. 

However, most women say that you should apply them from your early-twenties to prevent wrinkles. 
The books on cosmetics say that it's not very good to use eye creams from when you are young. 
I really have no idea when I should begin to use. 

I haven't been using eye creams on my face because the book told me that it's not necessary. 
But I began to have wrinkles near my eyes as I got older. 
(Even though I am still in early twenties)

That's why I bought SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum


SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum is a great product for those people who are in their 
thirties rather than those who are in their twenties because it takes care of your wrinkles and provides nutrition, flexibility and moisture all at the same time. 

I don't use the Gold Caviar series because I have an oily skin. 
But I still bought it because I wanted to take care of the areas near my eyes and provide moisture. 

I was not able to find any eye creams or eye serums that were light or refreshing
simply because these product are products that takes care of the wrinkles near your eyes. 

Skinfood also had the Black Raspberry Eye Cream. That product was not a pumping-type product
and it can be a little unhygienic because it used a bottle that was similar to ordinary creams. 

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum is not only convenient, but can also be used in a very clean way 
because it's a pumping-type product. 


Texture & Fragrance


It's not sticky at all because it's a serum!
The texture is sort of watery, but it's not watery like water. 
The texture is quite similar to an ordinary serum. 

The smell isn't strong and it's quite delicate. 
(It doesn't smell like Caviar or anything. LOL)



It has quite a bit of moisture and oil because Gold Caviar series are product that provide nutrition and moisture. 
(That's why I don't use other Gold Caviar products other than the serum)
For such reasons, it's moist and also a bit oily)

It doesn't get absorbed very slowly or anything, but it doesn't get absorbed that quickly either. 



You can feel both moisture and oil because the Gold Caviar series are products that provide nutrition and moisture. But the eye serum was still okay even for person like me who has an oily skin. 
Even though I personally have an oily skin, it wasn't sticky or heavy. 

Skinfood has this product called the Black Raspberry Eye cream. 
The Black Raspberry Eye Cream can be a bit heavy to the skin because of its thick texture, 
but Gold Caviar Eye Cream is very light and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly because it's a cream. 

The Black Raspberry Eye Cream gets pushed away by other cosmetics,
but you do not have to worry about such things for eye serums~

I think it's a great product by considering its price
because it also has whitening effects. 

I would like to recommend this product for those who are looking 
for a product that cheap and a product that's lighter than creams. 


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