Sunday, February 17, 2013

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Cream

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Cream 


This is SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Cream that I bought. I bought it because I tried out their samples and it was really good. :) The toner in the Omija series was very popular among people. I personally thought the cream was also very good.  LOL

 It's looks so cute. LOL
Let's see how it looks like. :)



I unwrapped the cover~


And a beautiful cream like this comes out~
The pink and white gradation on the bottle is so pretty. 
It's sort of heavy because it's made of glass. 



I was so attracted to this Omija cream because it even had whitening effects. :)


There is another protection film when you open the lid
and you can find the white cream when you take off the protection film~


Doesn't it look watery for a nutrition cream? LOL
The texture is really moist and it's more watery than other creams. 
It's almost like a moisturizing cream. LOL


I applied it on my arm. It was moist like a moisturizing cream 
and it got absorbed faster than other creams~

You can apply the cream before you go to sleep because it's not sticky and
it sticks on to the skin very well while it gets absorbed into the skin. 
Also, this product didn't make skin itchy even when I've applied on my face. 
(Other creams made my skin itchy, but this didn't!)
You face will became smooth and shiny when you wash it off in the morning. :)

It's a cream that you can use whenever your skin is dry because it's not very suffocating at all!
I recommend it because it's not very heavy for those people who have a dry skin and also because it's gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. :)

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