Sunday, February 17, 2013

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Essence

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Essence


The product that I am going to write my review about this time is SKINFOOD's Tea Tree Essence!! It's an essence that prevents skin troubles containing tea tree oil and willow herb extracts 
The volume is 30ml. 


You can find a white pump when you open the lid!

You can finish using the SKINFOOD Tea Tree Essence to the very end 
because the bottom comes up. 

Here is a photograph of the product on the back of my hand.
I applied it on the back of my hand because I cannot apply it on my face right now. 
Tea tree essence is sort of like a transparent gel and it runs down!
I don't know how to explain it.. It's sort of like your nose. 

The amount that comes out by pumping it twice or three times should be able to cover your face!

This is after it has been absorbed into the skin. 
Wow! Where did it go?
It's very refreshing and you really can't find any oil in this product. 

I have an oily skin. :)

The product has this unique spicy smell!
I personally really liked that smell. :)
I tried using a different tea oil product before and the smell of this product was lighter than that. 

You probably won't be able to use this product if you do not like the smell of tea tree. 

I am using this product for the second time and even though it didn't dramatically get rid of my pimples or anything, it still feels refreshing and I like the smell. I hope my skin is getting better. 

Anyway, I would like to recommend this product!
I would definitely buy this product again. 


Click here to purchase the product.

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