Monday, February 4, 2013

The face shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing milk

The face shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing milk

 The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk Review

Volume - 200ml

I bought a cleaning milk product because
I've extended my eyelashes and I cannot use the oil-type eye remover. I bought this one because usually prefer The Face Shop!!


*The milk-liquid cleansing milk that contains used water from washing rice that turns your skin white and smooth. 

Information of the cosmetics: Mac Please Me / Clio Swing Orange / 
The Face Shop Baby Apricot / Clio Leaf Green / BB Cream

 I applied several products on the back of my hand to see whether they get cleansed well or not. 

I squeezed out the cleansing milk on the back of my hand. It was sort of like a fresh cream. :)

 I rubbed it very hard. 
* It was good because it wasn't irritating even on the face. It was very mild. 

 This is when I have cleanly erased everything. Everything got washed offed when I kept on rubbing it. :) For dark black colors, it is recommended that you wash it off twice. Other than that, it cleanses very well. It erased everything except for the tint. 

Usability: I had a very smooth and tidy feeling. It didn't irritate the face. 
The level of cleansing: It cleanses very cleanly. The cleansing effects were so much better than what I've expected. 

The price and the volume are both outstanding!

 I usually buy and use a lot of cleansing foams from The Face Shop. LOL
Once again, my choice wasn't bad~

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