Monday, February 4, 2013

Tonymoly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint

Tonymoly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint


Tonymoly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint No.3 Grape
Volume: 7g (each)

 *This review is solely based on my personal experience of the product and I have not been suggested to write this review by anyone. 

Hi everyone~
I will be introducing the Tonymoly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint today~
Tonymoly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint has a lot of in it and it is also very cheap.~
The tint may looks a bit old because I've been using it for some time. 
But.. I didn't use that much..

The product looks round like this and
there are scratches on the case because I've been using it for a while. 
But it was very clean and smooth when I bought it first. 
The diameter is 4.1cm and the height is 2.1cm. 
I placed a 500 KRW coin on the top and it was bigger than the coin. 

When you open the lid, there is the tint balm that seems to have been used for some time. 
You do not have to worry about it running down because it's a balm-type. It didn't have a protection cap. Isn't the color very pretty?
The color in the photograph seems a bit light and transparent, 
but it's actually more dark and not that transparent. 

I applied the tint balm on the back of my hand.
Doesn't the color come out very well?
You should spread it evenly because it may lump up a bit because the product is a bit sticky. 

 This is when I put some water on the back of my hand!
I only put some water and did nothing else`
I don't think it makes a difference as to when I didn't put on the water. 
I think it's a product that can be used by those people who have the habit of licking their own lips because it doesn't get erased by water. 

This is when I applied water once again and exerted the friction 10 times. 
The color has definitely become lighting after rubbing.
I think this product can be a bit unsatisfactory for those who often bite their tongues.  

And then I tested how well the tint got erased by a cleansing product. 
I used a cleansing oil for the test. 
The photograph on the left is when i've pumped the cleansing oil on the back of my hand
and the photograph on the right is when I've finished the cleansing with the cleansing oil
By looking at how well it got cleansed with a cleansing oil, I think it will also get erased by cleansing foams or other cleansing products. 
But for those people who may feel uncomfortable, they can simply use a lip & eye remover. 

I applied the tint balm after getting rid of the lip's color with a BB cream. 
I uploaded the photographs with the flash on so that you can see them more clearly. 
Didn't the pink color come out very well?
As I've mentioned previously, it's a little uncomfortable because it's a bit sticky.
But I think the stickiness makes your lips look more flexible like a jelly. 
Also, this product has a sweet ans sour smell of grapes. 
I really liked the smell and everything else because I personally think smells are important factors. 

Of course, this product also had disadvantages. 
It had sanitary issues because it's a product that is applied with your hands. 
As you can see it in the photograph above, the color of the tint balm remained on my hand 
after using the product. The color became lighter when I wiped it off with a tissue, but it was still a little uncomfortable. 

But I guess it's still a fairly good product because the color is pretty and it's also very cheap. 

I think it's a pretty good tint balm that can be used by student without getting caught
by their teachers~

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