Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lacvert H-Solution Skin Toner 150ml

Lacvert H-Solution Skin Toner 150ml

This is the H series in the H.I.T series! (H-water, I-light, T-line)

The herb water in this toner  fills up and protects the water in the skin. 

The moisturizing ingredients get absorbed into the skin extremely quickly, for it has used the low temperature extracting method of various herbs that has used the glacier water of the Alps. 
The moisture lasts on the skin three times more than those ordinary moisturizers and it has three times more effects than ordinary moisturizers. 
It prevents the damage of the skin caused by UV and various pollution and
it also maintains a moist skin.

I get to use a lot of H Solution toner everyday. 

It's a great product for those people who are in their twenties who often lose their moisture of the skin. It's a great product for customers  who prefer herb products. It's also a great product for those customers who do not like stickiness and those who want cosmetics that get absorbed into the skin quickly. 

I am currently in my late twenties and I've been looking for a mild natural product recently because of my crazy skin. It's such a great product for a person like me who doesn't like stickiness and likes products that get absorbed quickly. 

he herb that drank the clean water of Alps helps the skin to recover the moisture. 

I remember myself watching a TV advertisement where Nam Joo Kim put on a strong lipstick and said "Consult with Lacvert". 
After a long time, I've been considering Lacvert as a cosmetics that my mother used to use. 
However, they've changed their model for the advertisement to Yoo Ri Sung and it seems like they've been targeting their products towards the young people these days. 

Filling up the moisture from the deep inside the skin has become extremely important for me these days. Lacvert H-Solution Skin Toner is known to create vital and moist skin with its herb water that's been supplied from the Alps. 
They used to have three series in total.
This product was the one that caught my eyes the most. 
Just like what Hyun Jung Ko said in the advertisement, 
I will try my best to maintain my moisture on the skin in order to protect the pores and also to provide moisture. 

The texture of Isaknox Reactive Hydrating Softener was a bit watery, 
but this product is a liquid-type product. It's not irritating to the skin and it's also has an extremely delicate smell and the sense of moisture and refreshment stays on the skin for a long time. 

I usually have an oily skin. 

It's a really nice product that always maintains my huge pores moist and refreshing. 

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