Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lacvert Plant Water Mist 100ml

Lacvert Plant Water Mist 100ml

This is my first review and I am sort of nervous! I am going to write a review about a mist that I am currently using. Lacvert Plant Water Mist is the mist that I am currently using. 
I am also using this product at my work because it's so big. 
I have a dry skin due to my work. 
It's so annoying to have a dry and rough skin! 

The case of the product reminds me of grass. 
It's really pretty!
The case glitters like enamel when you actually look at it. It's really pretty. 

The product comes along with an instruction manual. 
I should be explaining this to you.. But I lost it.. 
I guess I am still an amateur reviewer. 

Let me just explain it to you with my own feelings. 

The volume is 100ml! 
It's not portable and I am currently using this product at work as well. 
On the back, it says
"The fine moisture that's sprayed through this mist helps to have a moist skin. Nitrogen gas, for the human body". 
The particles are extremely fine because this product is a fog mist. 
I bough this product because I really liked that.

You probably can't see the spray very well. 
This is because I took this photograph at work. I am truly sorry!
You should be able to grasp the feeling of it when you look at it close. 



It doesn't look like that I've actually sprayed the mist. 
You won't be bothered by it even if you spray the mist as much as you want 
A mist is a must-have item for a person like me who works in a place that's very dry. 
The mist got absorbed into the skin very well because the particles were extremely fine. 
It was a kind of mist that made me feel that my skin was absorbing the water immediately. 

It was a mist that I've used for the first time after starting to work. 

My review wasn't all too great, but I hope that you understand. 

I am still an amateur for writing reviews!
That's the end of my review. 

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