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Lacvert Plant Water Oasis Serum 40ml

Lacvert Plant Water Oasis Serum 40ml

Plant Water line is a product in the moisture series that focuses on delivering the feeling of moisture according to the season. Plant water line uses LIVE toner. Live toner is clean moisture that created on a plant when it discharges the clean water through its water hole when the water is moving to the end of the leaf. 

The plant water line consists of water gel toner, oasis serum, water cream, water mist, water gel mask. I tried three of them, which are the water gel skin, oasis serum and the water cream.
I am really interested in the mist as well because they entirely matched with my skin type . 

Anyway, the product that I am going to introduce today's Yuna oasis serum, which is one of the main products. 

Volume : 40ml

A high-moisturizing essence that immediately delivers a sense of moisture to the skin as if water is popping up and makes the skin moist and smooth as time goes by. 
It's an essence that contains 70% of highly enriched moisture with 3D Hydrogel oil technology. 
You can feel the sense of moisture when the live moisture that's been cohered in high enrichment pops up in an instant and it also maintains the moisturizing effects for a long time, for the the numerous moisturizing and oil ingredients are released continuously. 

How to use

After applying the skin emulsion, pump the product 2-3 times and apply it evenly on your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead and tap it to let it absorb. 

It would be even better if you cover your face with both of your hands to let it get absorbed completely. 

It's a green case that makes you feel refreshing. 
Water Gel Skin product are usually very heavy because they are made of glass, but 
Oasis Serum is pretty light. 
You should be able to use the product until summer because there is a lot in it. (40ml)

 personally liked moisturizing products that were blue, but
a green product was also very pretty.
(It looks like most of the moisturizing products are green, blue or white. 
But white has whitening... )

You can control the amount very conveniently and you can also use it in a very clean way because it's a pumping container.  The cutting of the lid is quite unique and I thought that it wouldn't stand. But I had no problem letting it stand. 
It looks prettier than the straight one, but it's sort of annoying in the morning when I am closing the lid because I have to close it very carefully. 

The texture is sort of green. 
As you can see, the texture is rather close to a moisturizing gel rather than creamy. 
Most moisturizing essences use a light texture like this one. 
The smell is quite refreshing, but it's not that unique or anything. 
It doesn't really bother me, but it sort of smells like grass. 

I also feels quite refreshing because there is a lot of moisture in it. 
Of course, it applies very well on the skin and the level of absorption is quite normal. 
You know how we often apply the serum after applying the skin because it's an essence. 
It got absorbed quite quickly when I've applied the watery skin and it got absorbed quite slowly when I've applied a gel-type skin. 
The level of absorption really depends on the kind of skin that you're using because it has more moisture than oil. 

It's really light and moist on the skin when it gets absorbed. 
The sense of moisture was definitely good because it's a moisturizing product. 
It may depend on the season, but half of my face is dry and the other half is quite oily as the weather is getting hot. So the products that are chewy tend to make my face oily and refreshing products tend to make my skin dry. 

I personally think it's a moisturizing essence that can be used any time. 

I think it's a product that can be used by any person during any season 
because the texture is extremely light. 

You shouldn't be expecting other functions from this product because it's simply a moisturizing product. Well.. I guess everything is fine as long as it provides moisture to the skin. 

In that sense, it's a very satisfying product. 

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