Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mamonde Cotton Flower Enzyme Powder Wash Review

Manufacturer: AMORE PACIFIC

 The description of the product says that the product has a watery texture, relieves the red flushes on your skin with centaury and natural betaine and makes the skin smooth and glossy by creating a moisturizing layer on the surface of the skin. 

I cannot use any sample because I have dry and sensitive skin except for my nose. 

I got a lot of small pimples on my face when I applied Etude House Collagen Set, skin, lotion, essence and cream that I got as a gift. 

This product should be better for the sensitive skin. 

I actually wanted to buy NUXE. But I've decided to buy the Korean product. 

I don't really know about the product's immediate effects because I haven't used it many times. 

I've heard from somewhere that you need to use the cosmetics for at least three weeks in order to see the effects. I'll write my review three weeks later.