Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mamonde Pure Brightening Cleansing Oil Review

Mamonde Pure Brightening Cleansing Oil


Volume 175ml
For all skin types

쌀겨 추출물으로 다크닝 없이 깔끔하게 화장을 지울 수 있는 클렌징 오일입니다!
It's a cleansing oil that contains bran extracts which is known to erase the makeup very cleanly without creating dark circles on your face. 

ARITAUM had a 50% sale a few days ago!
I went to the store right away because I've been wanting to use Mamonde's cleansing oil. 
I bought this for 20,800 KRW. (I cannot remember it very clearly)

 I've read this fro somewhere. 
It's known that your skin becomes white if you wash your face once everyday with used water from washing rice. This product is known to make the skin bright by using the used water from washing rice. It looks like rice really does have great whitening effects. 

The detailed description of the product is written on the side. 
It is known to protect and calm down the damaged skin by using the bran oil and it's also known to have whitening effects. 


 You should pump the oil twice or three times on your palm, spread it on your face (as if you are applying the toner), gently rub it and wipe it off or wash your face. 
This is just a primary cleansing (erasing the makeup). You should wash your entire face once again. 

 You can be rest assured because the date of manufacture is written on the bottom. 

 I applied all sorts of eye, lip and cheek products that I have. 
They are mascara, gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, eye shadow and tint. 

I dropped two drops of oil and rubbed it 
after applying the various products. 
I rubbed it very gently because I am using it for the first time. 
All of the shadow products got erased, 
but mascara, tint and gel eyeliner didn't get erased. 

I rubbed it a little harder this time. 
The gel eyeliner got erased to a certain extent, 
but mascara and tint didn't get erased at all. 

I rubbed it really hard
and the mascara finally got erased to a certain extent. 
But it makes me feel that it's going to hurt my skin if I rub it this hard on my face. 

Can you see the area that has become red? That's where the mascara was. 
I rubbed it that hard. 

 I finally finished rubbing and washed my hand with water. 
Then mascara and gel eyeliner got erased perfectly. 
But it's sort of disappointing because the tint still remained on the skin. 



It doesn't have any pigmentation of cosmetics. 
The fragrance is very delicate. 
It erases the eye shadow or glittering products perfectly. 


It's very hard to erase the mascara and tint. 
I tried to apply it by squeezing the oil out on my hand and it ran down very easily 
because it was very watery. (You need to apply the product right away after squeezing out on your hand)
It definitely made my skin white, 
but I believe the cleansing ability is more important. 
The product still had some rooms to develop. 


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