Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Total Solution Natural Seed Oil Review


Hello. This is Mamonde Anne. 
A fresh and sunny week has begun!
Isn't it true that the body feels a lot lighter on sunny days like these?
Today, I brought a new product of Mamonde that will surely resolve the problems that you have on your skin. The name of the product is Mamonde Total Solution Natural Seed Oil. 

Mamonde is a total solution series that is popular for resolving the complex skin problems that are caused by the dryness of the skin at once. 

Mamonde Total Solution Natural Seed Oil was a product that I really wanted to try out. This product is a total care oil that resolves the dryness of the skin with its moisture effects of 100% vegetable oil. It is known to resolve the ten skin problems that are caused by the dryness of the skin, for it contains ten vegetable ingredients. 

Now, let's take a look at the ten ingredients and effects that are contained in Mamonde Total Solution Natural Seed Oil. 


1. Jojovba seed oil (relieves the dryness of the skin)
It provides moisture and maintains the moisture in the skin for a long period of time. 

2. Borage seed oil (increases flexibility)
It enhances the function of the skin's barrier

3. Green tea seed oil (relieves the aging of the skin)
EGCG, which is a antioxidative ingredient, is a gift of the nature that have abundant catechin. 

4. Meadow foam seed oil (enhances the skin)
The outstanding effects for making skin flexible make the surface of the skin soft and smooth. 

5. Sunflower seed oil (enhances the dead skin)
It greatly helps to enhance the dead skin, for it has the effects for relieving the dead skin

6. Rosehip oil (enhance the skin tone)
It is good to be used by those people who have worries about their dark skin, for it contains abundant vitamin C. 

7. Argania spinosa kernel oil (restores the balance of oil and moisture)
It contains a lot of essential fatty acids that have the effects for holding the moisture. 

8. Visa oil (enhances the skin's level of resistance)
It prevents the dryness of the skin and helps to provide moisture by providing vitality to the skin. 

9. Chamomile oil (enhances the skin's level of resistance)
It is very skin friendly, for it has a similar structure of the skin. 

10. Olive oil (prevents the sagging of pores)
It has the effect of gathering pores, for it has an outstanding cleansing effect. 
Those people who have huge pores should pay a close attention to olive oil. 

Isn't it really cool?
It's really amazing that all these good ingredients are concentrated in this small bottle. 


I should be able to take a load off from my shoulder this autumn and winter because it is known to have twice the effects when used it with Mamonde Total Solution Moisture Cream, which is a product that I am using these days. 
Let me tell you how to use this amazinng product. 

Mix a drop of Total Solution Cream and the Total Solution Natural Seed of in the 2:1 ratio and apply it on your skin on the last phase of your skin care.  
Isn't it really easy?
You can use it in your skin care phase, but you can also use it when you are doing your makeup or doing a massage. It can even be used on your body. So why don't we buy this product and make our skin glossy and shiny this autumn?

 (Mamonde Total Solution) Natural Seed Oil 30ml
"A vegetable multi-oil that solves 10 different skin problems"

 I strongly recommend it for those people who have dry skin after washing their face. The skin becomes moist when you drop 4-5 drops on your skin after applying the toner. It's a multi-oil that can be used by mixing it together with a BB cream or foundation. 

You can also drop 2-3 drops on your rough hair or on your elbow and heel that have white dead skin. 
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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.