Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Cream 50ml

OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Cream 50ml

O HUI Age Recovery Cell-lap Cream 50ml

A nutrition elasticity cream that makes the skin healthy and dense. 

It's a cream that helps to create a flexible and dense skin by strengthening the protection layer on the surface of the skin with natural glucose oil technology. It helps to enhance and manage the wrinkles on the face, for it contains stem cells culture fluid for rearranging the skin. 

It has an ivory texture, a delicate fragrance and a chewy texture. 
You'll be able to smell the delicate fragrance of cornelian cherry flower when you apply it on your face. It applies on the skin extremely smooth and it gets absorbed into the skin of your face very quickly without any stickiness. You can simply take out a small bit of cream on your hands on the last step of your basic cosmetics and apply it outwards from the center of your face. 
Cover your face with both of your hands to absorb the cream into the skin after applying the product. It matches very well on the extremely dry, dry and normal skin. 
Those people who have extremely dry skin should use the product by dropping a drop or two of OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab with a dropper and by mixing the cream with the oil.
You should be able to be relieved from the dryness of the skin in this way. 

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  1. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price

  2. 3 is the second time buying a gift all?? ** ^ ^ **