Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Eye Cream 20ml

OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Eye Cream 20ml

OHUI Age Recovery Series

A product that enhances the symptoms that are caused by the aging of the skin, dryness of the skin, decline of flexibility and wrinkles. 

I am writing this review after using OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Eye Cream for about 11 months. 

It's a silver tube-type product. 

You'll be able to find a cold-looking applicator when you open the lid. 
(It helps to relieve the areas of the skin that have swelled up when you give a massage with this applicator)

The texture of the cream is very chewy. 

I spread it on my skin with my hands. Can you feel the chewy texture?

This is my dry skin before applying the product. 

The cream seemed to wrap up each and every skin cell very dense. 
It seemed to be providing the flexibility by holding the skin very tight. 

This is after the cream had been absorbed into the skin after 10 minutes from applying the product. It seems to have a lot more moisture compared to the skin before applying the product. 

After using the product for 11 months

It seemed to match very well on the neutral dry skin in summer and on the dry skin in winter. 

In the overall sense, it provided flexibility to the dry skin.
I used to have a thin skin under my eyes and those looked like dark circles when it piled up.
But those dark circles have definitely got better as I got more flexibility on the skin.

I was able feel a very refreshing feeling when I tapped the eye cream on the skin near my eyes and relieved the swollen areas with the cold applicator. 
After applying the eye cream in the morning, I didn't feel the dryness on my skin until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. 

The enhancement of the wrinkles near the eyes and the enhancement of the wrinkles would be the advantages of this product. The disadvantages of this product would be the fact that it's too expensive having considered its volume. (1ml is worth 4,000 KRW), the strong fragrance of cosmetics, slow absorption and the stickiness. 

People often say that it's easier to manage your skin when you take a good control of the aging of the skin during the early phase. I would like to recommend this product for those people who have neutral and dry skin and who are in their mid-twenties, which I believe is the right time to pay attention to the aging of the skin. This product should be also very effective for those people who have extremely thin and dark skin under their eyes and also for those people whose skin under their eyes are so dry that it looks like wrinkles. 

Thickness : ★★★★★

Absorption : ★★☆

How well it applies on the skin : ★★★★
Moisture : ★★★★
How well it blended in with the makeup  : ★★★

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  1. I really like this brand. I used this brand for many years and I keep on using this brand as the color and odor is good for asian skin.

  2. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your eye appear smoother