Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Clinic Science Full Medi-Moisturizer 75ml

OHUI Clinic Science Full Medi-Moisturizer 75ml

I first thought that it was a lotion because the name of the product said that it was a moisturizer. 
The semi-transparent texture of the product was more like an essence. 

It was more moist than the Refining Medi-Toner and the texture would have been like this one if they used that toner to produce an essence. It was that refreshing and had a great sense of moisture. 

<O HUI Full Medi-Moisturizer>

Volume : 75ml

Characteristics: As a mineral oil free moisturizer that is used in the Clinic Science 3+1 Step that helps to create a clean skin by breaking the vicious cycles of an oil skin, it corrects the balance of oil and moisture of the skin and creates a more refreshing and clean skin, for it contains the angel's tears that is effective for controlling the sebum and Selemix An and various other ingredients that are effective for preventing the troubles on the skin. 

How to use: After using the toner in the morning and the evening, apply the product on your cheeks and chin as if you are marking a dot and give a gentle massage as if you are drawing a circle to let it get absorbed. 

The mineral oil that makes the cosmetics feel better on the skin is known to create more troubles on the fragile skin. 
Even though it was a mineral oil free product, it still felt extremely good when it touched the skin. 
It was a curved pump-type container. 
Even though I was able to squeeze out the right amount because the product had a small mouth, I applied quite a lot on my skin by pumping it twice or three times. 

The non-transparent texture was like an essence. 

The moisturizer also had the delicate floral fragrance. 

It applies very smoothly on the skin. It's similar to a moisturizing essence. 

This is when I've finished applying the product. 

This is when it got completely absorbed into the skin. 

As I've mentioned before, it felt like a toner that was created with an essence. 

It's very refreshing and the sense of moisture was very strong because it's not oily. 
It seemed to enhance the troubles of the skin by focusing on the balance of oil and moisture. 
It definitely seemed to be preventing the vicious cycles that are caused by the dryness of the troubled skin because of its strong sense of moisture. 


Can you feel the sense of moisture?

The product isn't oily at all. Those people who have dry skin may want a cream after it gets absorbed. But those people who have oily skin or those people who do not like the feeling of suffocation would probably like this product very much. However, I personally recommend that you apply the moisturizing cream a bit more if you are going outside. 

<The before and after photograph>

The photograph was taken on the 24th and 26th. 
The photograph on the left was taken on the 24th and the one on the right was taken two day after. 

Same over here. 

The photograph on the left was taken on the 24th and the photograph on the right was taken on the 26th. 

The troubled areas on my skin festered and they've calm down a lot. 

The infected areas had calmed down and became a lot smoother when I continuously provided moisture. In the overall sense, this product was a cosmetics that had focused a lot on its 'moisture'. It contains ingredients that are good for the skin troubles and it had provided moisture very deeply into the skin. OHUI Clinic Science 3 Step is a refreshing cosmetics that balances and maintains oil and moisture. After trying out the sample, I really wanted to try out the original product because it didn't irritate the skin and also because it made my skin a lot smoother. 

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