Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Mineral Prime Blemish Balm SPF28 40ml

OHUI Mineral Prime Blemish Balm SPF28 40ml

There is no need to apply that much as in the photograph in usual circumstances. 
I applied a lot on the back of my hand because I wanted to show you the product more clearly. 

OHUI Mineral Prime Blemish Balm has such an amazing fragrance. 

You are able to apply it on your skin as if you are getting an aroma therapy 
because it has the fragrance of plum. 

It has the color of strong cafe latte and you can apply it simply by tapping it on to your skin. 
Also, unlike other BB creams, I think it's easier to apply this product by gently tapping your skin with your fingers because the texture is very chewy. 

I personally think it's a very moist product because it has minerals in it. 
I recommend this product for those people who have dry skin. 

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