Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Vita Body Energizing Body Scrub 200ml

OHUI Vita Body Energizing Body Scrub 200ml

OHUI has recently renewed the products in their body series. 

I wanted to try out the scrub and I bought it right away a few days ago when they were in stock. 

Ta-da! This is the box and the container. 
Just like OHUI White Extreme series, the boxes changes its color depending on the degree of the light that it is receiving. The main ingredients and a picture of walnuts are drawn on the box. 
The container is a purple tube-type container. 

I squeezed out the scrub on the back of my hand. The smell of the scrub came into my nose right after I squeezed out. It smelled like fruit. The smell was sort of sweet. 

I've heard a lot of people say that OHUI's previous body series also had a great fragrance. I personally like the fragrance of the new version better. I was very surprised because the scrub looked so much different from those other scrubs. This product felt like those cleansing creams and massage creams that had grains in it. It's a natural thing to have grains in it because it's scrub. But what I really liked about was the smoothness of the cream. It applied on the skin so smoothly even when I didn't put any water in it.
The photograph below is when I spread the scrub on the back of my hand. 

It felt like cream at first, but it felt like lotion after rolling it for some time. 

The grains that you see over there are fine walnuts. 
Walnuts are known to contain a lot of vitamin B2 and 
these vitamins are known to accelerate the metabolism of fat with its relaxation effects. 

I washed my body with the washer and used the scrub when I still had water on my skin. 

The feeling that I got when I was rolling was really good. It has shown a big difference compared to other scrubs. The sense of moisture after doing the rolling and washing it off was amazing. 
The skin of my body often became very dry after taking a shower. 
So I used to apply the body lotion when I still had some water on my skin. 
But this product creates water bubbles on the surface of the skin when water touches the oil when you are washing it off. The bubbles are not that round, but it's still creating water drops. 
Perhaps it was because it contained a lot of moisturizing ingredients that it was extremely smooth and moist on the skin. I didn't feel the tension on my skin after taking a shower. 
I am so happy because I've finally found a scrub that matches extremely well on my skin. 
I strongly recommend this product for those people who have dry and sensitive skin. 

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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.