Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sulwhasoo Jinseol Cream Review

 Well. I am changing my cosmetics to what my mom is using. 
Mom, please..

 Sulwhasoo Jinseol Cream
Volume: 60ml

A high-class oriental cream that finishes the beauty by controlling the root of the skin's life. 
- An oriental cream in which the ingredients that have been extracted from Daecheongdo of the western sea awakens the skin by controlling the energy of the skin's life. 
- A skin that has been properly controlled from the foundation provides a an elegant beauty with  its smoothness and glossiness. 

Take out 0.5ml on your palm after applying Jinseol Essence and smoothly apply the cream with your entire fingers from the inside to the outside of your face. 


 Vacuum packing


 You can open the lid. 

 Can you feel the texture?

 The nutrition cream that is sort of rich and dry. 


Apply it gently~

This is when I've applied a lot of amount. 

Absorbing the cream

My skin didn't become dry at all on the next day. 
It seems to protect the skin very moistly. 
My mom also told me that a lot of people were saying that 
her skin got brighter and comfortable  after using this product.