Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Jinseol Lotion Review

The one that I used is the film-type sample paper and I am very happy to be able to use this product because it's such an expensive products. 
The following is a phrase that's written on the back. 

An oriental essence that awakens the deep vitality by controlling all the problems of the skin. 
Use this product after applying milky liquid in the morning and in the evening. 

 Volume : 125ml

The characteristics of the product and the ingredients are as the following. I got them from Sulwhasoo's website. 

I looked for what 'The Direction of the Horse of the Royal Family' is and it seemed to consist of plums, red beans, quince, Korean pine seeds and Sesamum indicum seeds. The product is known to contain ingredients that have been extracted from the concentrated germination of 'The Direction of the Horse of the Royal Family', which are ingredients that are known to maintain youth. Also, it's one of product's another characteristics that it has stabilized (highly-enriched oil technology)the fine oil particles through the micro gel gradual system. 

I took out an amount in the size of a bean on the back of my hand. 
At first, it felt like a typical watery cream. 
The color was delicate light brown. 
It had the unique delicate oriental smell of Sulwhasoo. 

I gently rubbed it and I found out that the texture was quite watery. 
It though that the texture was rich because it felt like cream at first. 
But unlike what I've expected, it got absorbed very quickly after applying. 
It got absorbed into the skin in a very most and smooth way without stickiness or glossiness. 

I ran the oil test and it didn't seem to have much oil in it. 
I looked at my skin in the morning the next day and it also didn't seem to have much oil. 

It looked like a typical cream when I first looked at it, but it was actually very soft and moist
and  the soft touch reminded of a moisturizing cream. The product seems to have cooled down the brewed water of oriental ingredients and mixed the cream. 
I was able to feel a sense of moisture and nutrition at the same time. 

before                                                                          after
I have dry skin and my skin often becomes red or gets troubles when I get a lot of stress. 
Before using this product, I used to have red flushes on my cheeks and I also had some skin troubles on my chin. 

The product applied on my skin in a very moist and smooth way without any glossiness.
In order to check the effects of this product, I simply finished it with the moisturizing cream. 
I looked at myself in the mirror on the next day and the red flushes disappeared quite a lot. 
In the overall sense, the skin seemed to calmed down  a lot. My skin has definitely been restored. Also, the makeup took very well in the morning because the skin was very soft when I was washing my face. Even though the price of this product is extremely expensive, it definitely seems to have outstanding effects. 

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  1. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.