Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Lumitouch Powder SPF25/PA++ 30g Review

 This is my review on Sulwhasoo Lumitouch Powder, which is a gift that my mom gave me. 
I usually carry the Diol pact powder that I wrote my review about last time and 
apply this product at home before going out. 

Sulwhasoo Lumitouch Powder
SPF25, PA++
Color no.21 (delicate color)
Volume: 11g

 Ta-da~! This is how the product looks like. 
In fact, I was not very interested in Sulwhasoo because they have this impression on me that it's a cosmetics that is used by old women and also because it had oriental fragrance. 

But now I finally understand why they are ranked at the top. 

I am currently using no.21, which is a delicate color. 
Even though I have bright skin, it's not too bad. 
It doesn't make me look like I've done the makeup. 
It smells like ordinary power and it also has a bit of oriental fragrance. 


This is how the case looks like. 
In fact, I didn't really like the case. LOL


 You can see the mirror just like any other powder. 


 It looks like this. 


 Now, let's try it out. 
I have applied the Bodyshop Wild Cherry on my hand. The sense of moisture is still there. 
I think it's really the best. 
I still haven't applied the powder on my hand. 

Warning : It's not my foot. It's my hand. 


 I applied the powder only on the right side. 
It doesn't show that clearly in the photograph. But I am sure you can see that it doesn't have oil in it. It had calmed down the skin tone to a certain extent as well. 


 Let's take a look at it once again with the flash on. 
The area that I've applied the powder has become extremely soft. 
The covering capability isn't very distinct here. But it's quite good when you apply it after applying the foundation or a BB cream. 

 I cannot say that it has an amazing covering ability, but it corrects the skin tone to a certain extent. I really like it because it feels very soft and smooth. 
I think it's a great product for those people who do not like the strong fragrance of powder because this product has a bit of oriental fragrance in it. Perhaps it's because that I used color no.21 that it had created a look on the face that doesn't seem to have anything on. 
I don't think it would be very satisfactory for those people who are looking for a product that has strong covering capability. 

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