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Sulwhasoo Moisturizing Fluid for Men 90ml Review


It seems like we are in the days that a moist and flexible skin are being considered as men's new virtue. The cosmetics that have considered the characteristics of men's skin are being released one after another as beautiful men are gaining a lot of popularity these days. 

The skin that has a lot of dead skin in a cold and dry weather by the lack of moisture 
are not liked by people.  
(No matter how handsome you are, the dead skin on your face will really reduce the charm)
A person loses flexibility on the skin when the skin lacks moister and it's very likely to have skin troubles. But you can have a moist and flexible skin as long as you provide moisture to the skin properly. Also, the areas near the mouth are always dry for guys because they have to shave everyday. 


In other words, you can solve all these problems just by providing enough moisture to your skin instead of removing the dead skin by peeling  or irritating the skin with a remover. 

What do guys do when they get dead skin near their nose or mouth?
Eight out of ten remove it with their hands or don't do anything about it. 
Women tend to cover the dead skin with a primer, moisture stick or with a lotion samples. 
But guys don't usually do that. 
I personally recommend guys to use the women's cosmetics, but guys don't like to carry it round. So there needs to be a powerful product that can provide the effects for their skin by using it in the morning after washing their face. So the product that I am going to introduce this time is men's cosmetics that's recently been released by Sulwhasoo. 
The name of this product is Sulwhasoo Moisturizing Fluid for Men. 

The brand power of Sulwhasoo is already very amazing. 
(Almost all mothers have a product of Sulwhasoo on their dressing table)
Sulwhasoo is a brand that is known to manufacture high nutrition and high moisturizing oriental cosmetics. 

 (This is the original special set! The product looks very serious. LOL)

Let me briefly introduce Sulwhasoo's moisturizing fluid for you. 
(I'll review the product very sharply and as it is because I am not marketer, not a honorary ambassador of the men studio)


(A luxurious design that reminds me of a nice ceramics)

Let first take a look at the basic specifications. (Refer to Sulwhasoo's website)
The moisturizing fluid (120ml) is an oriental essential toner that has the function of aftershave and essence. (It's not the previous watery toner. It's a moisturizing fluid that's been combined with the essence) Ginseng extracts and various other oriental ingredients are known to enhance the skin and play the role of calming down the skin quickly. 

The aftercare milky liquid (90ml) is an oriental milky liquid that helps to make the skin smooth with its abundant sense of moisture and oil & moisture balance for those guys who get dead skin by their thick skin and lack of moisture. 


 (Product Description)

Next, let's take a look at the main ingredients and the instructions. 
I guess it's a good idea to check the oriental ingredients in this product. 
Sulwhasoo's aftercare series contain cornlian cherry, gold extracts and various other oriental ingredients that are good for guys. These oriental ingredients are known to calm down the skin and detoxify the poisons, play the role of preventing the aging of the skin. They are also known to have anti-inflammatory effects and effects for curing the wounds. 

We'll take a look at the instructions by using the product. :)

 (I'll first open the aftercare liquid. It always feels great to open a new product)

As I've mentioned previously,it's a half transparent black bottle and it's sort of heavy. 
It's very solid and it feel like ceramics. 
I applied the product on my skin. 


(I compared the viscosity with LAB's product)

I compared it with LAB Series' Water Lotion. As you can see in the photograph, the aftercare liquid was quite heavy and had a high viscosity unlike the other toners that were released previously because it is an essence toner. If ordinary toners ran down from your skin like water, the aftercare liquid water just the opposite. (The reason why I compared it with the water lotion is because they are both advanced series and also because I wanted to see the differences with the previous toners even though they are targeted for different type of people.)


 (I applied it on the back of my hand)
It seemed to coat my hand as in the photograph. It became soft after some time. 
It seems to have created a coat layer on the surface of the skin because it's an essence skin. 
In other words, the product has better moisturizing ability than other products, it was sort of oily. 
However, the sense of suffocation and oiliness disappeared after some time and the skin became very soft. It seemed to have got rid of the oil because it's a product for the older men. 

I also applied it on my face and
the first thing that I noticed was that it had a strong fragrance. 
It smelled like the father's skin lotion. 
I expected it to have an oriental fragrance like women's products, 
but it had a deep oriental fragrance. 
The fragrance felt very delicate even for a person like me who is very sensitive to fragrance because the fragrance changed after some time like a perfume and the strong fragrance become very faint.
(The fragrance that I smelled first was extremely strong)
(I used to like the refreshing smell of citrus or sweet smell before. But I am beginning to like serious and relaxed fragrance as I am getting older)

The next is aftercare liquid. 


(It has a very nice grip and it's a pumping type product)

I took a look at the aftercare liquid that is known to make the skin flexible by controlling the oil and moisture balance. First of all, it had a very nice grip and it had a pump. 
The body of the product was similar to the aftercare. 

 (Viscosity test)

It wasn't heavy or oily as I've expected it would be. 
It didn't stretch in a sticky way. 

(I tested on the back of my hand)

A great amount came out when I pumped it twice or three times. 
What I really liked about this product was that I didn't have to make the mouth dirty after using the product because pump was sticking out.The fragrance was similar to the aftercare liquid. 
It was sort of lighter and had a stronger oriental fragrance. 

 (I applied the product instead of a hand cream because there was a rough skin on my finger just in time.)

As you can see in the photograph on the left, there are some dead skin on my thumb. 
I was able to remove the dead skin on that area when I applied the moisturizing fluid. 
It became sort of red because I tapped it. 
The dead skin didn't come out even after several hours. 

 Let me summarize what I felt about this product. 
Both of the products were products that are closely related to men's dead skin and dryness. 
It was an aftershave product that had enabled me to provide enough moisture to the skin with only the aftercare liquid except during winter. (It's definitely worth it)
The moisturizing ability and durability were outstanding and it wasn't suffocating as I've expected. Even though It may not match very well for those people who are in their twenties or thirties because it had a strong fragrance., the fragrance become better after some time. 
At first, I was worried that it might create skin troubles for my sensitive skin because I am quite old and also because the product had strong smell. But it didn't create any trouble for my skin. 
However, the product doesn't seem to be enough for those people who are looking for a refreshing and light product that has delicate fragrance. 

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  1. Item was good and feel lightweight and looks natural on the skin. I like the consistency too as it isn't too thick or too watery. I like the product. Get it if you do not need much coverage.