Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment 120ml Review

 This is  Sulwhasoo Cleansing Oil. 
I bought this cleanser once again after a long time because it was ranked at the first place at Get It Beauty. I've also used this product last year. I've been using a different product recently, but decided to buy it again because it was ranked the first at Get It Beauty. :)

Sulwhasoo Deep Cleansing Oil (Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment)

 The volume is 200ml and the price is 30,000 KRW. 
I personally think it's not that cheap. 
I was not able to use it for over two months because it's a cleansing oil that you use everyday. 

The product is in the bottle with the lid and there is a separate pump. 

 The product look quite similar to a skin toner. 
I personally do not understand why they have a separate pump. 
It was like this last year and it's still the same. 
I personally think they can just put the content in a pump container. 

There is a protection film when you open the lid. 


You'll find a big hole like in the photograph when you open the protection film inside. 
The content may pour out if you do not put the pump back on. 
Well.. I don't think there is anyone who would use the product without putting on the pump. 

The pump comes separately like in the photograph. You can now put this on the bottle and use the product. 

 There is a tongs that's attached to the pump. :)
You also need to take this off. 

We are now ready to use the product! :)

 I tapped my skin with a base pact, applied the lipstick, pearl liner and an eye shadow and then pumped the oil once. 
The content was very watery. 
In fact, that was something that I didn't really like about this product because I personally prefer those oil products that are sort of chewy when applied on the skin. 
Sulwhasoo Oil Cleansing Oil is sort of watery. 
So it feels sort of light on the skin. 

For such reasons, I apply the product that's sort of heavy once and also use apply Sulwhasoo's product that's light on the skin once. In that way, I wouldn't get bored by a single product. 

I rolled it several times and it all melted down. 
In fact, I was not able to feel the product's cleansing ability that much when I used it on my face. But I've realized that it has such an outstanding cleansing ability. It seems to cleanse the skin very deeply. It erases your eye makeup and your point makeup as well. 
Now I finally understand why this product was ranked at the first at Get It Beauty. 

At first, the product didn't feel like it had cleansed the skin very deeply because it was very light on the skin. But it erased extremely well when I tried it out on the back of my hand to write this review. 

 All you have to do is simply leave your hand in the running water. 
I didn't rub it with my hands because I was holding a camera on the other hand. 

Isn't is really clean? It got washed away even when I didn't do the handling with my hands. 

 I removed the water by pressing my skin with a towel. It's so soft~
Even though my hand looks sort of dry in the photograph because I took the photograph right after drying it up, I was not able to feel the dryness on the skin right away. 

It's sort of funny how a person thinks.
I wasn't very satisfied with this product when I used it last year because it didn't seem to erase the makeup very well because it was very light on my skin. (I personally prefer those cleansing oils that feels heavy on the skin) But it seemed to cleanse the makeup on my face a lot better than what I've expected after reading the review at Get It Beauty. It seems like the product has a more delicate fragrance compared to last year. 
I actually quite liked the delicate smell because it wasn't a strong oriental fragrance. 

I think it's actually more convenient to use it everyday because it's not that heavy.
(I am feeling that the product has become a lot better because I easily get influenced by what other people say?) 


  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!

  2. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price

  3. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.

  4. Today I ordered are great expectations.