Thursday, March 14, 2013

SUM37 A-Time Essence 30ml

SUM37 A-Time Essence 30ml

Product name: SUM37˚ A-Time Essence

Volume: 30ml

Product overview: An essence that can be applied on top of your make-ups anytime and anywhere.
Since your make-ups will stay as it is and the moisture won't evaporate, it is a must-have herb essence that helps your skin to recharge moisture and nutrition anytime and anywhere.  

This product is 'SUM37˚ A-Time Essence', an essence in a new concept that can be re-applied on the skin anytime and anywhere. It is a bit expensive as compared to many other mists, A-Time essences and Avéne mists, but its price level is similar to those mists by Amore Pacific, which are on sale with SUM37˚ in various department stores. 

However, despite the fact that A-Time Essence is a lot more expensive by looking at its volume, the A-Time Essence can be a lot more efficient than those other products which you have to spray the essence in the open air because A-Time Essence is applied to the skin by patting the essence with your hands.

This is A-Time Essence's product's box in wine color which can be easily recognized by anyone that it's a product of SUM37 solely by its color. The brand name is written on the front and the side, and the product name  is also written on the bottom in small size. 

There is the product description of A-Time Essence on the back of the product's box in English and Korean and the details of the places where you can purchase them, such as various famous department stores all over the country and et cetera. You can also find the details of compensations in accordance with the customers dispute settlement standards, methods for storage, warnings of use, contact numbers for customer service, volume, manufacturer and the manufacturing country. 

There is the vintage pattern along with the product name on top of the product's box, and the bar-code and the address of SUM37˚'s website on the bottom. 

There is the A-Time Essence, product brochure/manual and extra puffs in the product's box

The product brochure/manual is in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. 
The Korean version of the brochure contains the overview of SUM37˚ the secret method of natural fermentation, instructions for using A-Time Essence, a step-by-step guidance for cleaning and changing the puffs, ingredients and notes of caution. 

A-Time Essence consists of a basic puff that is attached to the product in the first place and 2 extra puffs, which totals 3 puffs. A-Time Essence used the ruby cell puff, which is known to be a product with the least scatters, crumples and lumps on your skin. It is an anti-germs and deodorizing puff that's been specially designed to enable fresh essence to be penetrated through the skin directly.  

A-Time Essence's design of the container is quite simple.
The front of the cylindrical pearl-colored container illustrates the clock design that points 12 o'clock and the phrase that reads 'anytime. anywhere, anyways' to emphasize the fact that it can be re-applied anytime and anywhere. And then there is the brand name in Korean, volume, manufacturer, material of the container and etc. 

The lid of A-Time Essence has a mirror attached to it. 
You can use it after taking off the sticker that helps to protect the mirror.
It seems like it's a very useful item that helps people to re-apply A-Time Essence anytime and anywhere. 

The date of manufacture is written on the bottom of the container. The date of manufacture for this product is October 6th, 2011

The lid of A-Time Essence is a type that opens by turning the lid, not a type that opens by force. I tried to open the lid by force at first, but it did not open. It was when I found out that there was a tiny part that was protruding out that I knew that it was a type that opens by turning the lid. (The details of this is in the product brochure/manual)

You can open the lid by turning counterclockwise and close it by turning clockwise. 
Those products that open by force are likely to become loose when used it for a long time. But A-Time Essence, which can used along the way on the roads, is risk-free from those irritating moments where the lid opens in your pouch bags or bags. 

The head of the A-Time Essence's container is covered with a puff and a button is on the bottom of that.

Since the puff that is covered on top of the head of A-Time Essence's container can be taken off very easily by pulling the rubber band on the bottom of the ruby cell puff, it provides a greater convenience for the users when changing the puff. In order to change the puff, hold the puff's end, slightly pull it up to take it off completely, pull the bottom of the new puff and cover it on each side. You'll be able to see a hole in the head of the container when you take off the puff. It has been designed so that the essence comes out and makes the puff wet when pressed the button the side. 

This is a shot of the puff that is being soaked into the essence when pressed the button the side. 
When you're using A-Time Essence for the first time, you should first press the button for about 15 times so the essence can be soaked into the puff. The puff will be soaked when you press the button for 2~3 times In ordinary cases and you may be able to control the number of times that you press the button according to the dryness of the puff. You must be careful because the essence comes out quite slowly. The essence may overflow if you press the button too many times. 

Before I apply A-Time Essence on my face, I'll put them on the back of my hand. 

A-Time Essence is similar to water and you'll be able to hear the sound of the crystal water if you shake the container. The essence is applied to your skin in thin layers and you'll be able to feel a sense of moisture and refreshment the very moment that it touches your skin with your own eyes. It has a refreshing and a mint-like herb fragrance. 

The essence is applied to your skin in thin layers and absorbed very quickly
because it is applied by softly patting the skin. 

I was worried that it might be sticky because it is a product that is re-applied on top of your make-ups and I found out that it was an unnecessary worry soon enough. I sprinkled the paper dusk on the back of my hands and non of them stuck on to it. 

Furthermore, I checked whether any oil was left by pressing the oil paper on the back of my hands, but I was not able to feel much oil. Since the product is an essence that is re-applied on top of your make-ups, the skin absorbed the essence very quickly and did't not have much oil either. 

Before I re-apply the A-Time on top of my make-ups, I'll first try to use it on the face without make-up. 

This is the face after A-Time Essence had been absorbed.
The face is very moist as if it is covered by a layer of moisture and it makes you look like as if you had a good skin from the start because it is quickly absorbed and does not make you feel as if the essence is left on the skin. 

This is the face right after the make-up and the face after 4 hours. 
Noontime is a period that our skin begins to lose its nutrition and moisture balance!
It is known that nutrient components are reduced into half  and the evaporation level 
increases twice from this time and I believe that time is 4 hours after the make-up.
In fact, I was able to find out that the T-Zone (including the nose) of your face were shiny and glossy with the oil and the cheeks, philtrum and the mouth dry. 

Your skin becomes extremely dry and the make-up becomes fuzzy on your face after an hour from your make-up. But after using A-Time Essence, I feel as if my make-ups are being stuck to the face very closely and I felt that my skin looked even better than I first did my make-up  because my face became moist as if a natural water shine had been given. The reason why it does not make lumps on your face is because nutrition and moisture are delivered to the face through the pores  even if you re-apply them on top of your make-ups because the product does not contain oil or surfactants. If there is one thing that you need be be careful of, you shouldn't apply the essence on solely on portions of your face. Because if you do that, your make-ups may come off by the essence. So it would be a better idea to softly apply the essence on the dry areas of your face once or twice.

This is the view of the puff after re-applying A-Time Essence on top of your make-up.
You can find out that it is soaked into the essence and not much polluted as compared to the new puff. 
However, the puff did not get polluted because I used the A-Time essence after 4 hours from the make-up. But if you use the product before the make-up is completely attached to the skin, the power may come off on the puff. So you should re-apply them after your make-up is completely attached to the face. 

In addition, A-Time Essence has good ventilation because it has a hole inside the lid, and you'll be able to use the product more conveniently and cleanly by storing it after softly wiping off the puff with a tissue. When you are washing the puff, gently give a rinse with water, rub the puff with liquid foams (i.e cleansing foams), rinse it well once again and completely dry it in cool places. 


<Evaluation of SUM37 A-Time Essence>

Texture and fragrance: ★★★☆ 
Level of adhesion: ★★★★
Absorption: ★★★☆
Moisture: ★★★★
Residual feeling: 

Advantages: The essence in a new concept, moisture, natural water-gloss effects, can be used more efficiently than mists
Disadvantages: A big size to carry around, need to constantly change and wash the puff

'A-Time Essence' from SUM37 is literally the essence in a new concept.

Mists, which have become a must-have item for resolving the dryness of the skin!

Until now, most of the essence were wasted in the air and your make-ups became dirty after spraying them after your make-upsB But A-Time Essence by SUM37 is a product that had enhanced disadvantages like these. It is a product with a quick absorption even if you re-apply it on top of your make-ups and it further adds elasticity and water-gloss effects to make your skin look even better than right after doing make-ups.
It is a rather efficient product than mists because you can re-apply it only on the areas that you want.

Furthermore, people say that your skin becomes moist by patting your face after spraying the mist on your face. When you are using A-time Essence, the only way that you can apply the product on your face is by patting. So it should be more convenient because you do not have to pat your face additionally.

However, despite the fact that A-Time Essence is a product that should be carried around from place to place, the size of the product is quite huge. So it is not very easy to carry around. 

The mirror attached to it provides convenience, but it would have been better with a smaller size. 
In addition, it may be sanitary because it is an anti-germs product that uses deodorant puffs, it is a bit troublesome because you have to constantly change the puff and wash them. It would be a great idea to sell extra puffs for those who care much about sanitation and for those who do not want to change their puff very regularly. The last would be the high price of the product. It is rather inexpensive in comparison to ordinary essences, but is has a similar price level with those mists with similar purposes. The price level is similar but the product's volume is smaller. So the price is quite expensive by looking at the volume. 
SUM37 A-Time Essence wouldn't be a bad choice in comparison to spray-type mists by considering the amount of time that you can use because it is a type of essence that is re-applied to the skin. 

South Korean actress, Hyun-Jung Go, who is known to have a wonderful skin, is famous for not turning on the heater in a car no matter how cold it is because she is worried about her skin becoming dry. 
However, it seems like I'll be able to maintain a healthy and moist skin even in a car or inside a building as long as I have SUM37 A-Time Essece this winter.